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Meet the unstoppable OPPO Reno4 series

OPPO, the leading global smart devices brand revealed its Reno4 Series in Egypt last week – and finally the wait is over.

The OPPO Reno4 gives you a smooth, unique experience, with touch-free interactions for the first time, powered by an AI-enhanced Smart Sensor and AI algorithm to secure your phone from peeping eyes, while allowing you to control your phone with a wave. The awesome mobile specs start with Reno4 being equipped with an AI-enhanced Smart Sensor to perform functions like Smart Spying Prevention, Smart AirControl, Smart Rotation and Smart Always-on Display that turns your phone into a personal life assistant. Turn on Smart Spying Prevention, the AI-enhanced Smart Sensor can leverage a smart recognition algorithm and automatically detect whether the owner and only the owner of the phone is watching it when there is a notification on the phone. If a notification pops up as a stranger is peaking at the phone, the detailed content in the notification, including drop-down notification drawers and banner notifications, will be hidden.

Also the AI-enhanced Smart Sensor offers an intuitive and futuristic way to control your phone touch-free, and can adapt to your habits. With Smart AirControl, you can pick up a phone call or scroll through social media apps like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok all with just a wave of your hand. When the phone and your face is rotated simultaneously, Smart Rotation, enabled by the AI-enhanced Smart Sensor and pose-recognition algorithm to intelligently detect the orientation of your face and the phone to help determine whether to rotate the screen.  This feature provides users with a convenient viewing experience while visiting websites lying down. In addition, with Smart Always-on Display the AI-enhanced Smart Sensor can detect whether you’re looking at your phone and keeps the screen “On” so you won’t be interrupted while you’re browsing your phone. Now going back to the slim design; Reno4 pushes the boundaries by striking a delicate balance between a slim and sleek design; equipped with a 6.4-inch Dual Punch-hole Display and is 7.7mm thick so that it fits in the hand and pocket easily, while it’s lightweight at 165g, ensuring that your hand won’t be fatigued while holding Reno4!

OPPO Reno4 Pro continues to innovate by striking a delicate balance between functionality and a thin, lightweight industrial design. It’s neither too lightweight that it gives away the impression that you’re holding a phone of lesser quality, but light enough for comfort. Reno4 Pro weighs 161g and is 7.7mm thin, but when you grip the phone you get the sense that you’re holding a premium phone. This is achieved with a 3D Curved Screen that elevates the premium look and feel of the phone. Moreover, Reno4 Pro comes with unique anti-glare matte finish on its back cover, which makes it fingerprint resistant. Combined with the curvature of the back case, lends to a gentle and premium texture that you can feel when hold it in your hand. Boasting a 3D Curved Screen, the screen’s curvature of 55.9 degrees not only lends itself to a premium look, but also offers a comfortable in-hand feel that will neither result in accidentally touching the screen, nor contribute to color deviations. Plus, when looked at from the side, the screen bezel gives off the appearance that it’s just 2.9mm thin.

Reno4 comes with two colors: Galactic Blue and Space Black. For the first time in Reno Series OPPO is introducing a brand new design technique This is an innovative back cover design that combines a matte fingerprint resistant texture with subtle glittery details, which gives the Galactic Blue color a more vibrant and glossy look. It adds a shimmer to Galactic Blue’s silver and blue color gradients when reflected under the light, achieving a dazzling effect. Space Black that glitters and appears translucent despite the dark color, but when held under light reflections seemingl come alive and gives off a shinier appearance. Together with looming OPPO monogram at the bottom, which adds a sense of mystery, the color offers a more premium appearance and great in-hand feel.

Inspired by the tranquility of nature, Reno4Pro comes with two premium colors Starry Night and Galactic Blue, which convey an innate peacefulness, but like a blank canvas encourages you to express your artistic side.

To purchase the unstoppable Reno series, you will find it available in the market; the Reno4 with 8G+128GB ROM for 6290 EGP while Reno4 Pro is available with 8GB + 256 GB ROM for 8990 EGP. Last but not least, OPPO launched the OPPO Watch and OPPO Enco W51 True Wireless headphones. The OPPO Watch combines style and versatility, for professional, personal, active living and the OPPO Enco W51 supports Active Noise Cancellation and Wireless Charging!