Ones to watch this summer

Summer is definitely heating up, but don’t worry, there are plenty of brand new films and shining stars to make your season a bit cooler. Although some exciting films and TV series have already aired, the summer of 2019 is just getting started with its wave of entertainment, so make sure you jump on the ride. If you want to know the best movies to watch and the right stars to obsess over, this entertainment guide is for you!

Ahmed Dawood
It hasn’t been proven yet, but we think Dawood’s contagious smile can cure heartbreak. The brilliant actor can truly do anything. We have already seen his romantic, terrifying, evil, kind and suspicious sides. Basically, Dawood can be given any role and he will step up to the mark. 2019 has Dawood on the movie screens twice, with 122 and Welad Rezq 2. However, after the shocking last scene from his appearance on Zay El Shams (Like the Sun) we’ve definitely been left with some serious trust-issues.


Eyad Nassar
Born in Jordan, superstar Eyad Nassar has definitely made a name for himself in the Egyptian entertainment industry. With his charisma, vibrant smile, brilliant acting and charming personality, Nassar has rendered memorable performances in every role he’s played. After amazing performances in the recent must-watch movies El Mamar and Casablanca (and Ras El Sana (New Year’s Eve) when it does finally hit the screens), we definitely can’t wait for his next big screen appearance in El Feel El Azraq 2.


When the director is Peter Mimi, you can expect powerful, intense and entertaining action scenes! The movie, following three ship burglars as they navigate the high risks of their job, is shot between Egypt, France and Morocco. In addition to great Arab stars, like Amir Karara, Ghada Adel, Eyad Nassar and Amr Abdel Gelil, the epic cast also includes the Turkish star, Halit Ergenç, best known as Sultan Suleiman. In the short amount of time since its release, Casablanca has managed to reach the highest revenues of any other film released in the summer of 2019. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should definitely go and enjoy some quality action


Asma Abulyazeid
A sight for sore-eyes, ever since Asma Abulyazied’s debut on our screens in 2017, we have become attached to her soft, yet affirming personality. She portrays her characters in an innocent, yet powerful and resilient way, that somehow transcends the screen and draws us fully into her emotional journey. She starred in two series in 2019, Zodiac and Hogan, in addition to her show-stopping performance in El Mamar.


Dina El Sherbiny
Amr Diab isn’t the only person who has Dina El Sherbiny in his heart. He shares her with almost all Egyptians who can’t get enough of her vibrant, and cheerful personality. She moved us deeply in Zay El Shams with her emotional depiction of the lead character and we are certain that her two upcoming movies, Ahl El Kahf (Caveman) and El Shohra (Fame), will surely not disappoint. With the latter starring both Diab and Sherbiny, we are all asking ourselves: could it be an on and offscreen romance?


El Feel El Azrak 2 (The Blue Elephant 2)
After the great success of Part 1, this sequel is easily the most anticipated film of 2019. Aside from the original cast’s stars, Karim Abdel Aziz and Nelly Karim, Part 2 introduces more striking icons, such as Hend Sabry, Eyad Nassar and Tara Emad, so we have very high expectations. You can count on a one of a kind horror-drama-mystery movie with very artistic visuals, great music and perfectly implemented visual effects. Most importantly, Part 2 is once again directed by the incomparable Marwan Hamed and, of course, the exceptional story is written by the book’s renowned author, Ahmed Mourad. El Feel El Azrak 2, is sure to be a must watch movie!


Welad Rezq 2 (Sons of Rezq 2)
The first film was met with great success due to both its original story and its extraordinary cast, including Ahmed Ezz, Ahmed El Fishawy, Amr Youssef, Ahmed Dawood and Karim Kassem. The sequel introduces even more beloved stars, including Mohamed Mamdouh and Khaled El Sawy. We really need to know what pushes the four brothers back into the world of theft and crime. Is there really a good excuse? We’re eagerly expecting a very well delivered action movie directed by Tarek El Eryan, to be released during Eid Al Adha.


Ahmed Rizk
Ahmed Rizk is not a newbie to our screens, but he certainly knows how to wow the audience with his breathtaking performances every single time. This year, Rizk is starring in a trifecta of big movies, El Mamar, Lees Baghdad (The Thief of Baghdad) and El-Kenz 2 (The Treasure 2). Moreover, Rizk has also starred alongside Donia Samir Ghanem in the Ramadan 2019 series, Badal El Hadota Talata (Three Stories Instead of One). With Rizk’s humorous personality leaving us with stomachs aching with laughter, we have high expectations for this superstar.


El Mamar (The Passage)
Despite the unprecedented action sequences, this film tackling the 1969 War of Attrition, is about so much more than war scenes. What makes it truly superb is the focus on the human side of every character featured. The film’s quality is elevated by the award-winning director, Sherif Arafa’s vision and perfect cast selection, with Ahmed Ezz as the fearless Egyptian commander, Hend Sabry as the strong supportive wife, Eyad Nassar as the villain Israeli commander, Mohamed Farrag as the Upper Egyptian soldier; not to forget Ahmed Rezk, Ahmed Falawks and Asma Abulyazied who all brought their A-game. El Mamar is a masterpiece that will take you on a journey worth discovering.