Omar Fadle

Redefining Contemporary Art

The Egyptian-American Omar Fadle, a self-taught artist making big strides on the art scene, recently made headlines with his bold and daring new collection of paintings. Fadle likes to focus on avant-garde contemporary art, depicting the complications of life through intense bold colours, shapes & textures which he infuses with 24k gold.

Fadle explains, “There’s always a dialogue between geometry and rough edges. The alchemy between colours and geometric shapes also affects the outstanding beauty of our ancient Egyptian civilisation. As an Egyptian artist, my passion for authenticity is captured through the infusion of 24K gold mixed with a selection of bold daring colours. This translates into an unusual contemporary abstract context.”

Each of Fadle’s art pieces is both fresh and unique; and he is often called on by selected clients to create customised unique artworks, which represent their own personality, passion and perceptions.

Fadle’s client list includes top notch celebrities, famous movie stars, as well as prominent business figures. Today, many pieces from his acclaimed collections are housed in the headquarters of distinguished business firms, hotels and private homes. His avant-garde art can be found in the private collections of art lovers both in Egypt and abroad. Private collectors of Fadle’s art in Cairo, include the famous film star, Naglaa Badr, as well as other celebrities with homes in Cairo’s Sheikh Zayed and the Fifth Settlement. Internationally, Fadle’s art has been acquired by collectors in New York, Montreal and Melbourne, among others.