OM Interiors

The Talented Interior Design Trio

In 2018, OM Interiors burst onto the design scene. A collaboration between three engineer friends, the new interior design firm quickly managed to overcome the challenges of starting in a highly competitive field and achieve much success. eniGma’s Ezz Al-Turkey sat down with the firm’s co-founders to learn more about their journey to success and their plans going forward.

Engineers Omar Maghrabi, Aya Saber and Muhammad Saleh decided to start their interior design brand, OM Interiors, at a time when the design field in Egypt was flourishing and competition was becoming more cut-throat than ever. “It was definitely a challenge to start OM in 2018. With the help of Aya and Muhammad, it worked!” recalls Maghrabi. “At first, it was difficult to be recognised and to break into the industry. But eventually, with recommendations from clients and word of mouth, we got more and more clients,” he adds.

Today, OM is known for designing and executing a variety of projects, ranging from luxurious residential projects to innovative commercial projects. Its team now includes four additional designers and engineers working side by side with its three cofounders. “OM’s go-to style is contemporary luxury. We’re very proud of the projects we have completed and the projects that are yet to come. We really put our all into every design,” says Saber.

OM’s success didn’t happen overnight or by a stroke of luck. Besides their dedication and the high quality of their design and execution, the founders set up a smoothly functioning work system that has clearly contributed to their rapid success. “When we first get a project, Aya and Omar start designing. When they’re done and they get the client’s approval, I start executing the design,” explains Saleh. “It also helps that all three of us have very similar personal styles and we basically like the same things. It’s a match made in heaven!” adds Maghrabi.

After working on an extensive list of projects through the years, OM Interiors has had successful projects in Egypt, as well as internationally. Among their favourite projects is a residential home in Layan Residences in New Cairo. “In the Layan Villa project, we were given the chance to really visualise the client’s taste in interior design and we took contemporary style to a whole new level. This project will be considered a landmark when people talk about our company. We got to be very creative and did some cool things like matching different luxurious materials – including book-match marble, wood panels and fancy wallpaper. It will always be one of my favourites!” explains Maghrabi.

Looking ahead, the founders have big plans for OM Interiors, including expanding all across the region. They have already begun in that direction, with projects in the UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Maghrabi explains, “we really want OM to branch out and become a household name, not just in Egypt but across the Arab world. We loved working on our projects in the Gulf and would love to do more of that in the future. We’re not going to stop until we end up on top!”