It’s no secret that in the world of fashion, nothing is impossible, especially when it comes to reviving old trends; you never know what might pop back in style. Since there’s no such thing as dead fashion, here are some of the old trends that you might want to be raiding your mom’s old closet for… 


Denim Jackets

Our all-time favourite old-school jacket that goes with anything. We just LOVE!



Flared Pants

We’re all in for that ’70s look!




Although the chokers have made their comeback, we’re not sure they’re here to stay.



Platform Sneakers

First introduced by every ’90s kid’s favourite girl band, Spice Girls, who says we can’t spice them up today?  












Floral Dresses

The charmingly cute dress, who would say no to that?




It takes a very cool outlook to pull this one off.



Round sunglasses

Round sunglasses never left.



Colourful Eye Shadow

Sparkle me pretty with colourful shades just as long as you don’t overdo it like back in the day.



Jelly Sandals

We just don’t get the point of these so-called sandals. We’re saying no, not now, not ever.  


Fanny Packs

We’ve got some mixed feelings about this one. Though very useful and practical, but then again looking at a bag wrapped around the waist seems so ugly.


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