We all wait for New York Fashion Week; there’s no doubt that it’s always one of the most anticipated events of the season. We pick up not only fashion trends, but also style tips and makeup trends. While most people believe that some looks only belong on the runway, NYFW still manages to give inspiration to stunning, crazy and completely unexpected trends in makeup that almost always stick around for the whole year. Here are the looks we’ve seen trending during NYFW.

Pink Eye Shadow

This was definitely a hit, and while we’ve never considered using pink on our eyelids, we have to admit it looks really good and is sure worth a try! You can even use your rosy blush as eye shadow. Thank you, Pat McGrath!

Bold Lips

Another look brought to you by none other than Pat McGrath. She’s taken bold lips to a whole new level by adding glitter. We’re still trying to get used to gloss being a trend again, so this one might take some time.

Two-Way Lips

This one took colour blocking to a whole new level; ombré lips no more, ladies! NYFW is officially upping the game; models had a fuchsia colour on their bottom lip, and red on their top lip. At least this way, you never have to choose between your two favourite lipsticks; wear both!

Silver Inner Eye Corner Shine

Recently, minimalist makeup has been all the rage. Women have become more into the glowing, natural look. Pat McGrath gave the natural look a twist by adding full-on silver eye shadow to the inner corners of the eyes. What a highlight, indeed!

Graphic Colorful Eyeliner

Still not sure how we feel about this one because we don’t know who in their right mind would wear bright blue graphic eyeliner if it’s not Halloween, but everyone loved it at NYFW, so there’s no telling how far this trend will go. Change is mostly good, so why not?

By: Nada Motawe


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