Our Multitalented Master of Ceremonies

To MC eniGma’s 8th Celebration of Arab Glamour and Success in Dubai, we turned to NourAldin, the charming TV presenter and actor taking social media by storm with his captivating podcasts and stunning fashion sense. NourAldin presented the evening’s proceedings with absolute grace, garnering quite a few new fans and admirers among our guests with his poise and charm.

hether you know NourAldin from Abu Dhabi TV or his hit podcasts Kalam Men El Qalb (Words From The Heart) and Kalam Abyad (White Words), you may have also gotten a glimpse of his varied interests, ranging from skydiving adventures to fashion videos to podcasts supporting women, and so much more, through his Instagram account. Like us, you may have wondered how he manages to do it all!

“I live on the go. Everything is stuffed in my car,” says NourAldin about his busy life. “I’m always ready for something to happen, and I think my lifestyle developed this personality in me. I’m not scared of doing new things. Nothing scares me, and actually, new things unleash the kid inside me.”

To the adventurous NourAldin, nothing compares, however, to the adrenaline he gets from being on stage, whether he is presenting or acting. “I like being in control and interacting with the audience. The very first couple of seconds I feel this rush, but then I cool down and remember that I’m the one leading the audience – not vice versa,” he says with excitement.

Looking ahead, NourAldin has a handful on his plate. Currently, he is working on the viral show, Selfie Challenge 2, as well as a pan-Arab talk show with a guest list that includes several A-list celebrities, to be aired shortly after Ramadan.

Beyond his immediate plans, however, NourAldin exclaims that making it in Egypt is his ultimate dream. “I really want to get into the Egyptian film and television industry, so I’m working on improving my Egyptian dialect. This is one of the reasons I was super excited to host eniGma’s Arab Glamour and Success event! eniGma is the leading magazine for the elite in Egypt, so it’s the perfect way to break into the industry,” he explains, adding, “Ultimately, I would like to represent the region like Youssra, Hend Sabry, and Dhafer L’Abidine!”

Having seen the charming multitalented NourAldin in action, we can’t wait to see what he will be doing next. His talent, charm and energy are sure to take him to new heights, and we hope that eniGma’s stage has opened the door for him to realise his ultimate dream! We wish you all the best NourAldin!