With the holy month of Ramadan gracing us with its special TV viewing traditions, MENA Netflix invited the media for an exclusive briefing session in Dubai, to announce its latest campaign, One Thousand and One Nights. The new campaign is based on the surge in viewership Netflix witnesses during the holy month, with the majority of people in Egypt alone admitting to gaining an average of an extra three hours per day watching movies and television shows.

his Ramadan, inspired by the example of Shahrazad, who related a new story to the King every night for One Thousand and One Nights, Netflix will keep you watching new episodes every night, continuing the Arab world’s ancient storytelling legacy. As the original tale goes, a broken-hearted and furious king decides to kill every woman after marrying her for one night, as he believes they will all be as disloyal as his previous unfaithful wife. However, when he marries Shahrazad, she manages to distract him from killing her by telling him a new compelling story every night. She succeeds to stay alive for one thousand and one nights by keeping the mighty King intrigued. This May, Netflix promises to keep you intrigued as well!

According to a 2017 Ramadan survey held to determine the needs of MENA region consumers, 35% of the participants spend their extra free time during Ramadan watching TV and movies. This is due to the decreased working hours and the increased amount of entertainment produced during this special month. Consumers need to be distracted from fasting without exerting too much energy, and what better solution is there than to “Netflix and chill.”

As a result, the entertainment company has created a unique special series for MENA region consumers during this particular month. Exclusively on social media, a 30 day content series will be hosted to tell the story of Narcos, the extremely popular series depicting the rise of the cocaine trade in Colombia through the life of the drug smuggler, Narcos. One video is promised to drop every night till the end of the holy month.

Be sure to stay tuned to MENA Netflix, as it channels its inner Shahrazad to keep you captivated for the next 30 days.