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Naturally Uplifting Hyde Park's "A Reflection of You" Campaign


Luxury homes are no longer distinguished by being big or expensive, simply because in today’s world, luxury is defined by personal preferences. Your home is a choice that represents your individuality, aspirations, lifestyle and personal taste. And when it comes to choice, all roads lead to Hyde Park.

As an agent of change in the Egyptian market, Hyde Park has em- braced a customer-centric development strategy and set out to in- fuse life into today’s modern concepts of living. The development’s recently-launched, ingenious campaign, “A Reflection of You” emphasises its approach of transforming every little detail into an extravagant living experience that is a reflection of you, your dreams, and your desires.

Your home is a reflection of you, and your community is an extension of it. Hyde Park’s promise of your reflection outspreads across the development, setting a warm, sentimental value that is a delicate mirrored image of you. It’s not just a place where you belong; it’s a safer, greener and healthier place that was made just for you.

Hyde Park has made its home across 6 million square metres in the heart of vibrant New Cairo, flaunting not just its size of acreage, but rather the quality of spaces, designs, landscape and facilities. Everything within its guarded confines is distinctive and limitless, from the architectural designs that reflect the homeowners’ buoy- ant characters, to the plush 600,000 square metres of lakes and foliage that represent the largest park in Egypt, reflect green living, and blend harmoniously to create an air of natural serenity throughout. Business, retail and leisure facilities are a stone’s throw away, em- braced by a familiar and cosy feel.


Convenience and accessibility aren’t overlooked at Hyde Park that is strategically overlooking, both, Road 90 and the New Ring Road. AUC is just around the corner and Cairo International Airport is a short 20 minute drive away. Just like its residents, who seek to find inner peace in a constantly moving world, Hyde Park is within proximity of the city’s bustling streets, yet retains an aura of tranquility for its homeowners to retire to at the end of the day.

The “A Reflection of You” campaign runs through July and August 2016 across selective locations that aim to reach Hyde Park’s future homeowners as they enjoy their summer vacations. Hyde Park teams are available in Platform to help you find the home that is a perfect reflection of you.



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