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Selena Gomez – Lose you to Love Me and Look At Her Now

Selena Gomez – Lose you to Love Me and Look at Her Now

First up in our selection is Ms. Selena Gomez herself. After a long four year wait, Selena Gomez has finally made her great comeback, blessing us with two new singles back to back. Her first new hit single, Lose You to Love Me, is Gomez’s most emotionally vulnerable and raw one to date. In a music video shot entirely in black and white on an iphone, Selena subtly details the heartbreaking end of her eight year on and off relationship with Justin Bieber. The pop princess immediately followed this release with Look at Her Now, and this track did NOT disappoint! Gomez’s second single proved way more upbeat, bursting with vibrant colours and cool choreography. Gomez said she wanted the aesthetic contrast of the videos to mirror her pain turning into strength and new found confidence. She proudly claims, “Look at Her Now is for my fans, for my ride or dies. I wanted to let them know I’m okay and I’m so grateful for them.” What a queen! It seems the best music is yet to come though, as Gomez claims she’s barely scraped the surface, saying, “I know the singles aren’t even my best work… the album is the real me.” Music icon and longtime best friend Taylor Swift agrees, gushing “She’s making her best stuff!” confirming this new era of Selena is everything we want and more!


Kylie Jenner – Rise & Shine


Forbes’s youngest ranked Billionaire, miss Kylie Jenner, broke the internet yet again with her unexpected yet epic ‘ rise and shine’ viral video. Jenner shared a video snippet of her singing to her baby daughter Stormi, which quickly turned into the best meme of 2019 with celebrities such as Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson jokingly covering the  ‘song.’ Being the smart business woman she is, Kylie’s already filed a patent to trademark the phrase ‘rise and shine’ so she can print some merch you won’t want to miss out on buying. 


Travis Scott – Highest In The Room 


Travis Scott just released his long awaited new single ‘Highest In The Room.’ The hit was  released just after rumours of a split between Travis and Kylie, the lyrics subtly give some insight as to some relationship problems they may have been dealing with behind the scenes with Travis singing ‘ say some things that you might fear… I’m doing a show I’ll be back soon, that ain’t what she wanna hear.’ Although the song is in keeping with Travis’s ASTROWORLD theme, showing off his signature bombastic beats and dystopian, psychedelic themed music videos, this is definitely one of Travis’s more chilled, personal and vulnerable songs as he sings ‘ don’t cut my heart don’t wanna die.’ Some fans like this new side of Travis, others just want him to bring the rage their used to back, either way this is definitely a surprising and refreshing change from the recent music he’s given his die hard Ragers!


Lizzo & Ariana Grande – Good As Hell

Powerful pop duo Lizzo and Ariana Grande have teamed up on an unexpected remix of Lizzo’s female empowerment anthem ‘ Good As Hell.’ Recently everything miss Grande touches turns to gold, with lots of chart topping hits of her own under her belt, Ari decided to hop on Queen Lizzo’s track serving no less than perfect vocals. The two pop princesses encourage women all over the world to know their worth and own their power with Grande singing ‘ There’s so much that I deserve.’ Confident never cocky is the vibe of this killer collaboration for sure. 


Camila Cabello – Easy 

It feels like every other week Camila Cabello has been blessing our ears with a new single off her highly anticipated upcoming album, and we’re living for it! Cabello’s latest single is definitely one of her strongest to date, both lyrically and melodically, with Cabello courageously detailing universally relatable insecurities of hers like her ‘ crooked teeth and stretch-marks all around (her) thighs.’  Steamy and sultry yet sweet Cabello says the song is about the kind of love ‘that makes you love yourself more’ and ‘doesn’t just love you in spite of your flaws but loves you because of them.’ Could this be about ex boyfriend and relationship expert Mathew Hussey or is it about new flame Shawn Mendes? Who knows? This won’t stop us from speculating though.


Harry Styles – Lights Up

Lights Up is Harry Styles’ first single of 2019, featuring catchy, harmonious vocals and melancholic lyrics. Many fans are speculating whether the chorus “Lights up and they know who you are… Do you know who you are?” is Harry’s way of addressing and proclaiming his sexuality. Harry’s kept a very tight lip about what the song actually means. The entire release of the song has been highly mysterious. Harry put up billboards saying ‘Do You Know Who You Are?’ all over the world prior to the song’s release, and only posted the artwork on Instagram hours before the song dropped. 


King Princess – Cheap Queen 

Rising indie pop-rock artist, King Princess, just released her debut album ‘ Cheap Queen,’ justifying her meteoric rise to US stardom. With a killer title track, the album’s full of catchy pop melodies and unforgettable hooks you can scream with your friends in concert but never compromises any authenticity in it’s relatable, honest teenage friendly lyrics like ‘ I’ve been going out too much and talking about myself too much.’ 


Amr Diab – Youm Talat 

Amr Diab never fails to come out with summertime bangers, helping us cling on to the last scraps of our summer. Youm Talat (Tuesday) is undoubtedly one of those! It has his trademark fun and flirty lighthearted lyrics, with instrumentals that are sure to make anyone want to get up and dance!

Abu – Habibi Ya Leil

Abu’s new song, Habibi Ya Leil (Oh, My Love) is rapidly gaining popularity, racking up almost 15 million views in just over a week. Abu sweetly praises and longs after the love interest of his song. Although the lyrics express a mixture of love and longing, the actual instrumentals of the song are nothing but cheery and upbeat, creating an interesting contrast and making the song something anyone can take to. 

Ahmed El Rouby, Tayarah – Sa’afa 

This year, El Gouna Film Festival’s signature annual song featured a star studded music video with Egypt’s hottest actors dancing along to the song and enjoying all the stunning sights El Gouna has to offer. The song itself has a light, cheerful melody and beautiful celebratory lyrics.