The Lifestyle
“The compounds are all-inclusive, with a high standard and quality of life. I don’t ever have to leave to look for activities outside. There is also space for luxury.” – Sharnouby

Whether you’re purchasing your first home, or looking for an update, picking the perfect location can be overwhelming. One of the leading companies in the market is Mountain View, which revamped the real estate scene completely, introducing one amazing project after another. If you’re considering investing in real estate, Mountain View is a great option. And we couldn’t have asked for a better talent than the hugely popular singer/actor Mohamed Sharnouby to give you a glimpse of what it’s like to live the Mountain View lush-life.

The Design
“The compound is beautifully designed with unique architecture and colours that are relaxing, heart-warming and scenic for all residents.” – Sharnouby
The Space
“My family and my friends don’t have to worry about parking their cars anytime of the day, or children playing in the neighbourhood with their bikes.” – Sharnouby

What makes Mountain View stand out is its iCity project: a futuristic “Smart City” that offers a whole new concept in modern and progressive living. A no-car, healthy environment overviewing a park with lagoons, iCity has one of the most prominent commercial areas and entertainment hubs, and is built with a 4D housing model, separating the compound into four different layers – one for the island, one for the cornice (a car-free route circulating the outlines of Central Park and connecting all parks together), one for the cars, and the last one for the parks. iCity allows residents to tailor their apartments to their needs, especially via iApartment, in which spaces are so well utilised to make them feel like they are in their own personal villa. The iVilla, on the other hand, gives them the same advantages of the iApartment, but with a bigger space. All come with the highest levels of security and amenities including private entrances, concierge services, garbage chute systems, smart firefighting systems and 24/7 surveillance cameras. And you can have all that with a great installment plan.

The Community
“Knowing that my neighbours are my family makes the compound a much happier place for me and my family.” – Sharnouby
The Convenience
“Whether you’re looking for Mountain View in the east, west, or a vacation home; you’ll still be close to all your friends and family because Mountain View has compounds everywhere!” – Sharnouby

So, whether you prefer New Cairo or 6th of October, Mountain View has compounds for you with one of a kind neighbourhoods and residences. And in this exclusive fashion shoot, shining star Sharnouby poses in Mountain View’s breathtaking green areas and picture-perfect white and blue houses, showcasing his flair and talking about a few of his favourite Mountain View aspects. So, enjoy this sneak-peek at what hundreds of Mountain Viewers get to experience every day.

The Facilities
“I am able to manage my time more efficiently as an artist; I use the compound’s gym, pool, jogging track and the clubhouse to stay upbeat and fresh.” – Sharnouby
The Value
“Unlike other compounds, families are capable of buying apartments with villa
privileges, relative to space and design.” – Sharnouby

Art Direction and Styling by: Maissa Azab

Photography by: Khaled Fadda