Being a mom on Mother’s Day is a magical feeling. You get to feel appreciated by your kids and your husband, and you’re showered with kind words and gifts. Spending the day with the family is the traditional way to celebrate, of course. Still, as a mom, you sometimes yearn for a day without the kids, and what better day to ask for it than the day that celebrates you? Just make sure to have someone trustworthy take care of the children to put your mind at ease. Hopefully, your loving husband can help out while you enjoy your Mother’s Day gift of “me” time. Alternatively, take your husband along for some “us” time.

Appreciate Your Own Mother

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the idea of constantly being needed by your own kids, take this Mother’s Day as a chance to bring back the old days, and take your own mother out! You can plan to spend the entire day with her, where you have a lovely breakfast or lunch together, head to the movies or sit by the river and grab some ice-cream. This will make your mother feel appreciated, loved and cared for. It will also give you the chance to step away from your daily obligations and chores, and allow you some time to enjoy yourself with your biological source of comfort.

Go to a Spa

This is a perfect gift to ask of your kids and husband. Have them book you an appointment early in the morning to get a chance to start your day feeling relaxed, and have the time you need to rest and finish before dinner time. Since your appointment is going to be early in the morning, by the time you finish, it will still be daytime, which allows for further pampering at the beauty salon. Get your hair and nails done for a double confidence boost.

Dine with Your Husband

This suggestion might seem too traditional, but you can plan a unique dinner ahead of time to make it special and fun. Going on a dinner date with your husband feels more exciting for you as a mother, since your kids will not be accompanying you. For once, you can enjoy a quiet dinner without being the couple with the annoying, loud kids, who turn heads at restaurants and receive death stares from everyone. You can also go for a romantic walk afterward.

Go Shopping

As a mother, you put your kids before yourself. While this might make you a good and nurturing mother, it is not sustainable. Don’t get us wrong; we think it’s amazing and necessary to be selfless with your kids, but at least take a day to fulfil your own needs. If you are a mother who chooses to buy things for her kids instead of herself, reward yourself this Mother’s Day by going shopping! Make a list of all the things you need, but didn’t have the time or budget to buy, and make it your gift from your husband and kids. When you go shopping, make sure you go alone or with your friends.

Skip Work

If you are a working mother, who also happens to be overly attached to her kids, we understand that ditching them on Mother’s Day may be a hard decision for you to make. Instead, wake up in time for work, carry out your normal morning routine of waking up the kids, making breakfast, getting ready for work and dropping them off at school. Once you are done, skip work for the day, and have some “me” time until it’s time to go back home for dinner. During this time, you can choose to go see a movie by yourself, get your heartbeat pumping at the gym or just enjoy a hangout with besties.

Go Outside

At the end of the day, what’s important is for you to feel your best. Most moms don’t get the chance to go outside and enjoy life. Thus, dedicating this day to getting out of the house seems more reasonable than ever! You can focus on doing something modest for the day, such as helping out a friend in need or people with similar struggles. This will help you endure the constant expectations and demands you feel from your kids and give you some time to have fun with your friends.

We understand that kids can be overwhelming, whiny and demanding. However, they are still a blessing. Celebrating Mother’s Day without your kids is only going to help you feel relaxed, restore your energy and appreciate your kids. It’s healthy to maintain balance in your life, and getting one day to do that only seems fair. We can guarantee that as this day comes to an end, you will be missing your kids like crazy!


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