For generations, fashion has taken many twists and turns, yet some iconic looks live on and are unforgettable.  At its core, fashion is a creative process, not only on the design side, but even when each of us puts together an outfit reflecting our mood for the moment. And a lot of times, we end up creating our personal reincarnation of classic looks in the process.

Day to Night:

One of the hardest things to do is to pick out an outfit you can wear all day long, then meet friends in the evening without stopping for a wardrobe change. It is best to opt for comfortable pants, an understated top, and just change up your accessories.

Statement: Made:

Whenever you’re bored of your same old style, don’t be afraid to take risks with your outfits. It might be shocking at first, but with confidence, you can pull anything off.

Sporty on the Go:

On a lazy weekend, with no plans other than running errands, we’ll want to throw leggings on, hoping it might give us a boost to work out, and if doesn’t, we can still enjoy the comfort.  For this look, keep your accessories to a minimum.

That’s So 70s:

Sometimes, feeling nostalgic pushes all the right buttons. Remembering the ‘70s and how life seemed downright free and groovy back then can bring out our inner hipster.  When it comes to fashion, you can’t go wrong with the ‘70s.

Funk N’ Punk:

If you’re feeling a little bit dark on the inside, get your punk on and show a little edge on the outside. Try this trendy shade of black lipstick and put on your mid-heel biker boots to show you can be hard-core with a touch of femininity.


When you feel like laying low, put on your boyfriend jeans, a favourite T-shirt, sneakers and put your hair up in a bun. Feeling comfy can be the most sensible fashion sense.


When you feel good about yourself, you’ll want to look your best.  So go all out, put on your fanciest outfit and head out for a glamorous night out. Let everyone see the shining star within you!


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