Mohamed Fiala, the Egyptian CEO of Fiala Destination Management, has been elevating the industry in the Middle East since 2005. With Fiala Destination Management, a company that provides luxury destination management services and caters to every type of traveller, Fiala has set the bar in the region.

Mohamed Fiala’s career in the luxury tourism industry started over 17 years ago, in 2005. He has since been breaking new ground in the field and changing what it means to tour in luxury. He has understood the ins and outs of the industry and has mastered the art of giving clients an experience of a lifetime. That’s exactly why he founded Fiala Destination Management; to give clients a unique travel experience that’s simply unforgettable. Fiala lifts the weight of planning off of the tourist and leaves them with the joys of an incredible visit. Through his extensive career in the UAE, Fiala has built valuable connections in the country and the region, including at luxury hotels and resorts, and has figured out the secret to luxury tourism.

Fiala operates in the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and offers unforgettable tours all over these countries for visitors from all around the world. Fiala delivers premium services for every type of travel, from individual travel to group travel, Fiala helps every traveller find their ideal luxury travel plan. Fiala uses two decades of expertise to achieve a flawless trip for their clients.

The team at Fiala are all travel experts and know exactly the must-haves when going on a luxury trip. They put maximum care and effort into perfecting every single detail, minor and major. The team is passionate about building client relationships and winning the clients’ trust! Their philosophy is “just good enough is not good enough,” they insist on always going above and beyond for their clients. Each team member is a leader and a passionate expert and decision-maker. They’re focused on creating valuable content and always being in touch with their clients.

Not only that, but Fiala also offers A-Class transfer services for their fabulous clients, some of which have been some of the world’s and the region’s biggest celebrities. Fiala was a big help in eniGma’s Celebration of Arab Glamour & Success in Dubai earlier last month, by providing luxury cars and transportation services for our VIP guests, who got to ride in style. If you’re planning your trip to Egypt or the Middle East and want it to be an exceptionally special trip, Fiala Destination Management is your way to go!