Mohamed Enaba

Taking Content Creation to New Worlds

Mohamed Enaba is one of his generation’s most inspiring public figures and content creators. Enaba has previously been a television host in the UAE and also presented Eesh Sabahak on Radio Hala 95.6 FM, which is part of Shock Middle East, the UAE’s fastest-growing radio network. With years of experience in the entertainment industry, Enaba has built quite a name and is now focusing on content production and helping others build their own names in the social media industry.

Mohamed Enaba, who simply goes by his alias Enaba, is a Dubai-based Egyptian presenter and content creator. He is very keen on developing his content on social media and inspiring young and rising content creators to do the same. He insists that the quality of content creators’ work must absolutely be top-tier, that there has to be a significant amount of effort and heart put into it in order for this to first of all attract a wide and growing audience but also be truly deserving. When asked whether this meant that bloggers ought to have their focus on one specific area, or talent, and put out content revolving around that, he responded that this is not necessary – quality should be the focus of their work. This is clearly an important focal point in Enaba’s work, but also in the vast majority of advice, he gives to others in the field.

Enaba sees that the region’s public might not be willing to welcome certain types of online content, while more foreign, maybe Western creators might be freer to create what they want, without having to worry nearly as much as Middle Easterners and North Africans do. You could suppose that this may be restricted, or that this prevents content creators from derailing, but regardless, Enaba still emphasizes this point, that there might not be as much freedom in the region to fully pursue content creation to the fullest of its potential.

Enaba is among those who truly believe in the power and importance of social media. While this may not come as a surprise due to this being his job, he is actually very excited about what social media might have to offer in the future. With social media increasingly becoming an inescapable part of our day-to-day lives as well as our professional lives, many seem to think that social media truly is the future. Enaba is no exception. When asked whether he would ever be interested in making a comeback to presenting on television, he replied that he could, but that he was waiting for the Metaverse to come out to consider this. He thinks that there can be very creative ways to link television (and presenting by extension) and the Metaverse and that this can be a very exciting thing to get into in the near future.