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Maestro of Interiors Muhammed El Kordy

A talented architect who collected experience in a small span of time, Muhammed El Kordy is already making waves in the field of interior design around town and his studio, MK Designs Studio, is already one of the key players in the field. Inspired by nature and his clients, Kordy’s main aim is to create a space the will embody all his client’s dreams, without the client even knowing how to articulate them—but all without compromising standards and comfort.

 Kordy’s trademark is sophisticated comfort with a passion for the contemporary and lots of touches of wood, Kordy is in the school of architecture that believes the space needs to reflect the client’s personality and doesn’t shy away from working with various styles; from the classic to the modern. With lots of neutral colors and a hint of art, Kordy’s designs are almost always crowd pleasers.

Working on commercial, residential, hotels and medical projects, Kordy and his team have already gained diverse experience with various tastes, needs, styles and functions.
Tell us more about yourself and how you’ve fallen into this field
I was raised in a family of architects.. I consider my love for design something in my genes, having grown up seeing architectural drawings and art works everywhere around me was a motivation for me to discover my talent. I then studied architecture and started working even before graduation as an art director, then an interior designer, and finally a product designer. I worked a lot with wood and gained experience working with the material and shaping it, and simply fell in love with it.

When I felt like I had a well-rounded, diverse experience in various aspects of the business and that I was well-equipped to start up my own firm, MK Design Studio came to life. This is where I pour all my knowledge and experience, and all my passion in the designs I create for every client.

What sets MK Designs apart from its competitors?
I am very interested in psychology and I read intensively about it; so what sets us apart as a studio is that we not only look at the client’s briefing, but we also look deeper into his personality to learn about his needs, wants, lifestyle and taste.

We give all our new clients a questionnaire to get to know them and their favorite colors, their likes and dislikes, the music genres he listens to and many more. Through this, we try and gather information to understand our client and get a feel of his taste.

This means that when we deliver a design, there are no unpleasant surprises; we get into the process knowing what the client would approve of and like and what wouldn’t work with him and we’re always in synch and in good harmony; which reflects very well on our designs.

What style does MK Design normally work with?
Contemporary, classic and modern; all depending on our clients’ taste. At the end of the day, the client is the one who’s going to use and live in the space we design; so as long as we are satisfied with the design and the standard we deliver, we’re happy following the client’s taste and directions. Of course, we also have to focus on the practicality of our designs to ensure utmost comfort in the space and I think that’s what makes us satisfy our clients and allows us to maintain good relationships with them.”
We have designed more than 100 projects; residential, commercial, hotels, medical and office buildings in Egypt and internationally.

We’ve left our signature at almost every compound in Cairo, including Kattameya Heights, Lake View, Mountain View, Kattameya Dunes, Kattameya Residence, Palm Hills, Stone Park, Telal and Hacienda.

We’ve also worked on an hotel in Kenya, an office building at Gulf countries and villas at Dubai and KSA.

And finally; what keeps you motivated?
I find joy in my work, designing is my game and I enjoy working. I feel like every project is a new challenge that brings me a lot of happiness. I enjoy every part of the process; from first meeting the client, to reading his answers to the questionnaires and all the way to letting my imagination lead the way to creating my client’s dream house.

Where do you see yourself in the coming years?
Maybe I’m a bit greedy, but I was never satisfied by just designing, I want to inspire nations to help people live better and through architecture we can change cultures, I’m not sure what exactly the next step is, but what I’m sure of, is that I’ll leave something to future generations.

Contact Information:

Telephone: (+2) 01066607006 – (+2) 01224022000 


Facebook: muhammedkordydesigns 

Instagram: mkdesignsstudio