Middle East Fashion Week 2021 – Brought to you by Dubai 

Get ready for this year’s Middle East Fashion Week ((MEFW) after ten highly successful seasons in the past five years. Often described as the region’s biggest fashion event, MEFW will be taking place in Dubai over five days in the spring of 2021. 

MEFW was established in 2015 by the Arab Fashion Council, which includes members from 22 Arab countries, extending from North Africa to the Levant and the Arabian Gulf.  The yearly event aims to promote up-and-coming young innovative fashion designers in the Middle East, while also introducing new international brands to the Middle East. 

MEFW 2021 will be held twice during the year, on March 15 and October18, and will include 120 talented fashion designers, as well as 40 glamorous models, showing the abundant homegrown creative talent in the region’s fashion industry.

MEFW exemplifies the innate passion we all have to express our inner fashionista-selves and celebrate the many layers of individuality. As Simon J Lo Gatto puts it, “Style is a simple way to show who you really are.”  MEFW also encapsulates the fiery spirit of Dubai, where luxury is almost second nature to society, and where originality is the substructure upon which the city stands tall.

While the theme and format for this year’s fashion week has not been disclosed yet, Emanuela Prandelli, director at SDA Bocconi in Milan, finds that the real struggle for fashion weeks all over the world lies in the provision of a more digitized and integrated experience. “Brands are moving faster to devise digital solutions for their creativity, like the Dutch brand ‘The Fabricant’, that creates virtual shows for virtual-only clothes. It’s essential to keep up, “ she notes.

MEFW founder and President, Antonio Rubel, who has executed fashion events in the region for more than seven years, is confident that this year’s MEFW will be nothing like the Middle East has ever seen before. In a recent statement, HE stated, “The Middle East is the new fashion capital of the world and we want to shout about it. Middle East Fashion Week will be a magnificent concoction of creativity, flair, talent, and energy, showcasing fashion designers from around the world in one stunning location.”