Overlooking the mighty Pyramids of Giza nestled amidst 40 acres of greenery, lies the majestic Marriott Mena House, Cairo. With a rich history that is over a century-old, unique architecture, and unparalleled luxury, the Marriott Mena House is synonymous with grandeur. Favoured by kings and emperors, the hotel was built in 1883 by Frederick and Jessie Head, who named it after the powerful king who united Upper and Lower Egypt in ancient times.

Today, the Marriott Mena House is an ideal haven of calm and serenity set apart from the bustling city that is Cairo. Its luxurious interiors exude the arabesque opulence created decades earlier, in the 1880s, by the Cairo based English architect, Henri Favarger, and lovingly maintained throughout the years. Its 331 stunning rooms and suites offer a variety of views that include the iconic Pyramids, soothing acres of green fields as well as the hotel’s beautiful swimming pool. Named one of the world’s best 100 places by Time Magazine, the hotel is renowned for classic allure, timeless comfort and technological convenience.

Grand Deluxe room at Mena House

Overlooking the proud pyramids, 139 Pavilion offers a one of a kind view, soothing live performances and a vast menu of international cuisines. It encapsulates the world’s variety of meals, including Indian and Middle Eastern, and is known for its sizzling Indian Biryani and its mouth-watering Italian pasta. With no less than 15 chiefs on hand, every meal is a masterpiece of savory pleasure.

139 Pavillion

Alongside the tranquil swimming pool lies the widely renowned Italian restaurant, Alfredo, where guests are offered the finest Italian food. Using only fresh farm produce, you are guaranteed a remarkable fine dining experience at Alfredo.

To transition into the night, there is nothing quite like the hotel’s acclaimed Sultan Lounge, which overlooks the majestic Pyramids of Giza.

Firm believers in the health mantra for body, mind and soul, the hotel’s team offers unmatched services through a number of leisure facilities. No matter the season, guests can enjoy the heated outdoor pool as well as the fitness center, which is rated one of the best on offer by the Marriott chain of hotels in Egypt. The spa, recommended by a long list of loyal guests, includes six treatment rooms offering a variety of massages and treatments, as well as sauna, jacuzzi, and steam areas. Named after pharaonic gods and goddesses, all spa chambers have relaxing views and provide absolute privacy. The luxurious spa caters to both hotel and outside guests seeking its superior services, which include its professional Swedish massage, its infamous Rose Salt body scrub, and its unique Purifying facial treatment.

Not surprisingly, the Marriott Mena House is also a popular destination for weddings, providing an enchanting backdrop to many fairytale celebrations. Coming all the way from as far as Lebanon, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates, couples have chosen to celebrate their unions in the enchanting ambiance of this unique hotel with unparalleled services that make each wedding unforgettable. No matter how big or small the festivities, the hotel’s various regal ballrooms and its outdoor contemporary poolside spaces, accommodate a wide range of aesthetics. In addition, the backdrop of the historical treasure that is the Pyramids of Giza, makes the Marriott Mena House location impossible to rival as a wedding destination.

With so much to offer, the Marriot Mena House remains an iconic venue that stands the test of time and history. It has been a favourite among statesmen and royals throughout its history. As has often been said by the hotel’s staff over the years, “King Khufu chose the location for his greatest accomplishment, his Pyramid, so he could stay at the Marriott Mena House while supervising its construction!”