A Makeup Slang Dictionary

So, what in the world is a “fleek” and why do I need to be on it?

Recently, keeping up with all the modern makeup terms that people use has become a harder task than learning about makeup application itself. It seems like every day you’re hearing about a new word (we can thank Instagram for that), and it’s exhausting. We have no idea what half of these phrases mean most of the time, but it is a learning process. To that end, we’ve created a makeup dictionary for you, so that next time you speak to your younger sister’s 15-year-old friends, your face won’t go blank.

On Fleek

This is one of the most commonly used terms. To us, the educated few, it is a made up word. In the makeup world, being “on fleek” is basically being on point or perfect.


A cake right? Wait, what? I thought we were doing makeup. Baking is a term that applies to setting makeup with loose powder. You apply the powder on your concealer, and “bake” it (No, not literally; you just let it sit there for 10 minutes before you blend it).


You probably thought that someone made a typo while writing “contouring”. Just when you were relieved that you learned what contouring was, they go ahead and create a new word to learn. Non-touring means exactly what it implies – not contouring.


Basically, when your highlighter looks great, your face is “lit” – literally.

Cut Crease

The term used to describe eye shadow that is applied as a sharp line across the eyelids, rather than being blended.


Seriously, WHAT? This is as good as your makeup can get – when someone says “your face is beat” just take the compliment and walk away; it means you look great.


This is the term that is used to describe blending your face products using a brush.


We can thank Beyoncé for this one. Slaying is defined as killing, and apparently nowadays, it is imperative that our makeup be amazing enough to “kill” (kill others with our perfection, that is).

While there are many more where those came from, and probably MUCH more to come in the future, these are the most commonly used slang terms when it comes to makeup. If you have these down, then you’re pretty much “on fleek” for life (we’re trying).

By: Nada Motawe

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