Makeup Products That Can Be Used For Unintended Purposes

You’ve probably gone your whole life thinking that every makeup product you own is only limited to one purpose. We don’t blame you; that’s what the salespeople lead you to believe because their goal is to get you to spend more money. In reality, there are some makeup products that can be used in several, unexpected ways. Here are some of the untold secrets of the makeup world.

Eye Shadow

So, who said that eye shadow needs to be used only on your eyelids? There is so much more that you can do with it.

Eye shadow can be used to darken, intensify, mattify or even create lipstick colours. If you have a lipstick colour that you want to darken, apply the lipstick and then just pat some darker eye shadow on top to alter the shade. Similarly, you can use an eye shadow colour that is the same as your lipstick to intensify it and make the lips pop, or to mattify it! To create a lipstick colour, either mix some eye shadow with a clear lip gloss or lip balm, or just tap the powder onto your lips with a brush and apply the gloss/balm over it – voila! (Can you seriously imagine the endless colour possibilities?)

You thought it ended there, right? Wrong, again! You can use eye shadow to highlight and contour as well. Just pick a matte brown shade to contour and a bronze, rose gold or silver shade to highlight.


Lipstick, again, is not limited to just lips. You can use lipstick as eyeliner if you’re looking to use a not-so-traditional colour, and it seriously looks great. You can also use it as a cream eye shadow and it works just as well.

That’s not all, either! You can use a matte red lipstick as a replacement for an orange colour corrector to cover up discoloration or dark under eye circles.


You can use blush or bronzer as eye shadow when you’re low on products in your makeup bag, or if you just want a subtle hue on your eyelids to make you look more awake.

Cheek Stain

Liquid cheek stain can be used as lip stain to give your lips a little pop or tint in the morning when you don’t feel like wearing lipstick, but still don’t want to look pale.

Lip Pencils

Any lip pencil can be used as pencil eyeliner because eyeliners don’t easily come in taupe or nude.

Eyebrow Gel

Eyebrow gel is basically mascara that gives a tint to your possibly light coloured eyebrows. If you don’t feel like wearing mascara in the morning, but still want a slight enhancement, apply tinted eyebrow gel to your eyelashes and it will give your lashes more depth and intensity. You’ll look like you have literally nothing on and that you were just born with beautiful lashes.


Just intended to cover up dark circles and blemishes, right? Think again. You can use concealer as an eye shadow base to keep it set and in place all day long – it works just as flawlessly as any eye shadow primer would.

You can also use concealer to lighten any lipstick colour you own! Just mix a drop of concealer with your liquid lipstick, or apply concealer on your lips before applying regular lipstick, and smack those lips!

We bet you never would have expected that your makeup had so many uses! It basically ensures that you’ll never have a shortage of any products because you can create what you don’t have with what you do have!

By: Nada Motawe

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