Makeup Hacks 101

Sometimes, we feel like we should’ve gotten some sort of manual for women, so that we could get through any given disaster or scenario in life. It’s a tiring task: keeping up with all the beauty hacks that we stumble upon daily – seriously, is there something that we’re missing here?

To save your lives and make them just a little bit easier, here are some insanely useful beauty hacks that every girl should know.


How to fix broken powder compacts

Have you ever bought a new eye shadow palette, which you really loved, then dropped it and it broke into a million pieces, and you literally felt like you were burying a loved one as you threw it in the trash? We feel you. The good news is any broken compact can actually be saved! All you need to do is get some rubbing alcohol, put a few drops all over the broken pieces in the compact/palette; then, smooth it out using the back of a spoon. Put it in the fridge until it dries and voila! It will be as good as new.


How to keep your eyelashes curled

You might find that sometimes, when you use an eyelash curler, the minute you apply mascara, your eyelashes lie flat. The problem isn’t the brand of eyelash curler you’re using – it’s your technique! The right thing to do to curl your lashes properly is tilt the curler, press and hold for a few seconds. Then, apply a tiny bit of mascara only to the TIPS of your eyelashes. Allow that to dry up, and apply a second or third coat of mascara all over your lashes for a fuller effect. Your lashes will stay curled and you will look dolled up all day long.

Bonus tip: For better results, heat your curler using a hair dryer before using it.


How to get rid of chapped lips in 5 minutes

There’s no need to apply layers upon layers of lip balm to cure your chapped lips, save time and use a homemade scrub to get rid of the chapped layer and revive your lips! Mix brown sugar with olive oil and massage the mixture onto your lips; then, wipe it off and they will feel amazing. No flaky matte lipstick – check!


How to properly clean makeup brushes

Brush cleaners don’t work as well as you think they do if you want to do it properly. With persistent use, they cause the brush hairs to fall out and become coarse. Instead, use baby shampoo to wash your brushes thoroughly! They will be spotless and feel softer on your face.


How to make your favourite shiny lipstick matte!

Are you upset because that insane lipstick colour you bought years ago is shiny and the current trend is matte lips? Don’t buy a new one; just mattify the old one! If you apply baby powder to your lips, on top of a creamy lipstick, it will look matte.


How to make your full coverage foundation medium coverage

If your favourite foundation is too heavy to wear during the day, mix it with some moisturiser and you’ve got a medium coverage cross between foundation and tinted moisturiser – which is perfect to wear for a flawless morning look.


How to get the perfect winged eyeliner

Instead of always running late because you’re desperately trying to perfect your winged eyeliner and are failing miserably, apply a small piece of tape along the outer corner of your eye and apply your eyeliner along the tape. Sharp, winged and flawless!


How to de-clump your mascara

If you’re addicted to having full lashes, then you’ve probably applied more mascara than you should have at some point, and ended up with all your lashes combined into basically one. Instead of having to remove the mascara and reapply it, use a clean mascara wand, an eyebrow brush, or a dry toothbrush to de-clump!

There is no secret manual – we just figure it out as we go along. But hopefully, these hacks will make your lives a little bit easier!

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By: Nada Motawe