eniGma takes you behind the scenes of a one of a kind experience of exclusivity.

If you want to radiate true Italian elegance and are ready to make the ultimate leap to true exclusivity, then a Boarini Milanesi creation is exactly what you need. Owning one of their exclusive handbags means holding an authentic gem in the most precious exotic leather. Each unique piece of Italian beauty is sure to lighten up your every outfit.

The Maison Boarini Milanesi, was founded in 2016 by Carolina Boarini and Matteo Rodolfo Milanesi, and combines the founders’ exquisite taste with the rich history and art of their fascinating country Italy.

But Boarini Milanesi is more than just a Maison: it is a highly exclusive Private Members Club. To purchase one of their unique creations you have to be introduced by another member, or by one of the very few personal concierges trusted by the Maison. When you do become a member, a whole new level of exclusivity unveils itself.Private viewings are arranged by the Maison’s sales consultants who are based in Milan, Venice, London, New York and Switzerland, and can also travel the world to meet their most loyal clients.

Attending one of these private viewings is a one-of-a-kind discovery experience. You get the chance to establish a deep personal and lasting relationship with the Maison that results in the creation of an elegant “objet d’art” made uniquely for you.

Ms. Boarini and Mr. Milanesi’s deep passion for beauty is reflected in their extraordinary ability to combine genuine Italian elegance with the most precious materials. They rely on premier artisans with four decades of experience in exotic leather manufacturing and personally follow every step of the creation, giving life to masterpieces filled with values and emotions.

Every detail of a Boarini Milanesi handbag – the luxurious exotic leather, the refined hues, and the precious gems – echo myths and legends of the past. Wearing the stunning Maestà in malachite green, you will instantly experience the splendour of ancient Egypt, where this lovely colour was among Cleopatra’s favourites. This green, like no other, is just one of the rare pigments preciously preserved in what looks like a treasure chest. Once opened, this little box of delights will carry you to the beautiful ultramarine blue ceiling of the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua, and will let you fly over the delicate Venetian green of the lagoon’s waters.


These handbags, which prices range from 4000€ to 50000€ for the most precious pieces, guarantee the wearer the ultimate prestige, enhancing personal achievement and revealing exquisite taste and sophisticated elegance.

Wearing a Boarini Milanesi means carrying a piece of magnificent Italian elegance every day, forever.

Tel: +39 051 0954026
Wats App: +39 346 6346027


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