If anyone knows how to put on a show, it’s Lady Gaga for sure. We’ve seen her on stage so many times, and she always causes a buzz no matter what she does. But this year, at the 2017 Super Bowl, her halftime performance seriously wowed; she’s really outdid herself.

The performance started with her singing the United States’ national anthem. She then followed that with a leap off the arena roof, down to the stage where she started singing some of her best hits; our all-time favourites. We all know and love the songs, but this particular performance was all about the stunts she pulled to put on an impeccable show. Not to mention her outfits and makeup were all on point (crazy as always, but still, she isn’t known for staying traditional with her outfit picks, is she?)

Then, to perfectly end a great show, she dropped the microphone and leaped off the stage, while simultaneously catching a football. We’re honestly speechless.

If you missed it, here’s a full video and some photos documenting the performance, but we’re convinced the photos aren’t enough, so watch the video – you won’t want to skip this one!