La Terrace

zamalek’s new hotspot

Nestled in the heart of the exclusive district of Zamalek is a gorgeous restaurant, La Terrace, that culinary connoisseurs swear by. La Terrace is housed on top of the President Hotel, a luxury boutique hotel with a beautiful view and a special cosy atmosphere. The moment you step into La Terrace, you will fall in love with the space, but it’s the delicious offerings on the menu, the fun atmosphere, and the excellent service that will keep you coming back. eniGma takes a closer look at Zamalek’s beautiful hew hotspot owned by French hotelier Jean Marc Kabalan.

Known for bringing French elegance with an Egyptian twist, Jean Marc Kabalan has a rich history in the hospitality industry in Egypt. Among his notable top notch projects are the top rated Fort Arabesque Resort, Spa and Villas and the President Hotel, which boast devoted international and local clienteles. Kabalan is actually the owner of the President Hotel, which houses La Terrace. He inherited the hotel from his late father, and recently completely renovated it, making it more modern with up-to-date facilities.

Having wanted to open an upscale restaurant in Zamalek for a long time, Kabalan finally opened La Terrace, which quickly took off and became a favourite spot for people from within and outside the neighborhood. A few months after its opening in the beginning of 2020, however, the world was struck by the Covid-19 pandemic and, like many other restaurants, La Terrace had to close. Fortunately, La Terrace is now back on its feet and is bursting with life the way Kabalan intended it to be, while meticulously adhering to the necessary safety and sanitary precautions. Besides the quality of its cuisine, La Terrace exudes a special vibe that keeps its customers coming back. Judging by the steady stream of people coming in for breakfast, lunch and dinner, La Terrace has become an attractive destination for a wide and varied clientele.

La Terrace boasts a fabulously special breakfast menu, that includes an array of different baked goods and finger-licking vegetable and cheese omelettes. The aroma of the beautiful baked goods hits you as soon as you get off the elevator and enter the restaurant, adding a homey feel to the already cosy atmosphere. For lunch and dinner, guests can indulge in the restaurant’s international menu which includes authentic Italian pizzas, top of the line American burgers, and their signature beef rib-eye. Also on the menu, is their specialty Salmon and Lobster Tartare. For people with bigger appetites, there is a diverse selection of salads and appetisers to get you started off before diving into the delicious dishes. La Terrace’s Indian chef, Suresh Kumar, is also known for his truly authentic Asian delicacies. Diners can choose from a variety of sweet and sour dishes, delicious noodles, spicy beef and chicken dishes, not to mention the chicken curry, which is simply to die for. Each dish in La Terrace’s diverse menu is unique, rich and satisfying.

Keeping in mind the vegans and vegetarians among its guests, La Terrace also offers different vegan and vegetable based dishes. Among the options offered, are the quinoa and raisin salad, as well as several dishes on its Asian menu, like chef Kumar’s special broccoli and potato Thai red curry. Vegetarians will also love their delighful egg benedict royale.

You also won’t want to miss the delicious desserts on offer, ranging from the freshest seasonal fruits to the house’s decadent chocolate cake that simply melts in your mouth. The fantastic French Creme Brûlée is also a must-try for those with a sweet tooth! La Terrace also has a fully-loaded bar, with any and all types of drinks and cocktails at your disposal, whether it’s a simple glass of wine or a fabulous drink for a festive night out!

La Terrace is perfect for any time of the day. It serves as a restaurant, a café, a vibrant bar or a relaxing place to go and get work done. With a fireplace at its centre, elegant wood furniture and fluffy couches and soothing candles at every table, not to mention the breathtaking view, La Terrace is perfect for any occasion. It is just right for a quiet dinner date or a night out with a large group of friends. Don’t forget that La Terrace also offers happy hours on weekdays as well as a Boozy Brunch on Saturdays where you can enjoy delicious food accompanied by relaxing vocals by talented young singers, all while enjoying the gorgeous view.

La Terrace is also a great place to celebrate milestones and hold special events. The venue can accommodate any kind of party, from extravagant engagement parties to a fun birthday celebration. When you make your reservation, you can also ask for special arrangements to have your party turn out exactly the way you want it. You can handpick all the details, from the food served down to the music playing through the speakers.

Always the ultimate hotelier, Kabalon believes that building relationships with all his customers, both regular and first-timers is the biggest asset of any establishment. You will often see him at La Terrace greeting guests with a welcoming smile that makes them feel at home, while his carefully handpicked staff are friendly and attentive to all diners, providing them with high quality service that meets their highest expectations.

In sum, La Terrace is in equal part, cosy and luxurious while providing quality food and service. Whether you go there for a delicious meal, a relaxing evening with friends, or a special celebration, you will have a memorable experience that will have you coming back, again and again.