With years as co-host of a popular daily women’s television program and numerous celebrity interviews under her belt, Karine Fahmy, a former Miss Egypt, is a seasoned TV presenter accustomed to the spotlight. For her fashion choices, she depends on a trustworthy team of professionals; and more often than not, that team is led by her favourite fashion designer, Soucha Mlihigue. In fact, Fahmy and Mlihigue have themselves formed a winning team since the designer saved the day ten days before Fahmy’s wedding over a decade ago. The two sat with eniGma’s Nayera Yasser to list down their tips to acquire red-carpet glam for your next occasion.

Today, it’s natural for a celebrity to have a trusted designer or, at least a fashion stylist, to help her with her wardrobe and her fashion choices for special events like the red carpet. And with Egypt’s blossoming festival season, many celebrities have formed a special rapport with one or more local designers and trust them to create custom designs, especially for their red carpet appearances. Acclaimed TV presenter Karine Fahmy has such a special rapport with fashion designer Soucha Mlihigue.  Together they have created the perfect team, conquering every red carpet and award ceremony together.

“Mlihigue and I are a winning team,” says Fahmy.  “We already know each other quite well. I do not often plan things ahead; instead, I prefer to follow my gut. I trust Mlihigue and he made me believe in him, due to his excitement and energy. He is a passionate designer, who depends on his emotions to produce art,” she adds, describing the common understanding and harmony she shares with the designer. Here are some of their tips on what it takes to make an impression on the red carpet.

Beauty team complementing Karine Fahmy’s look

Find a Trusted Team 

“I often need to focus ahead of any event. As a TV presenter, I have to research and prepare a lot of details related to my work; accordingly, I do not like to stress about fashion or beauty details – instead, I choose to depend on a trustworthy team. To be honest, every woman deserves to have the right set of experts to prepare for an event. If you surround yourself with the right professionals, the outcome will certainly be worthwhile,” Fahmy explains. Rather than experimenting with lipsticks or hemlines ahead of events, she has taken the time to find the right designer, stylist, makeup artist and hair stylist for her.

Rizk adding the final touches to Karine Fahmy’s look
Shireena and Karine Fahmy

Follow Your Instinct

Even though Fahmy’s acquaintances in the media industry often follow rigid plans and fast-paced trends, she always take a different route. The TV celebrity prefers to listen to her instincts; blurring the lines between comfort and confidence. After considering many trendy options for the El Gouna Film Festival (GFF), her instincts led her to seek Mlihigue’s help because she felt he would not want to jeopardise her personal preferences and she felt no one would understand her as well as he does.

Don’t Shun Vintage, it Can Work 

“I like recycling my dresses – I do not just wear a dress for a certain event then store it away. I was looking in my closet right ahead of this year’s El Gouna Film Festival, when I found a vintage dress that Mlihigue had made for me 15 years ago,” said Fahmy. Originally floor length, the dress has now been altered twice by Mlihigue; a few years ago he altered it to a playful knee length and recently transformed it for the festival’s opening ceremony, with an additional satin waist belt and an imposing train. According to Fahmy, vintage is classic and never goes out of style.

Accessorise Carefully

After finding all the right outfits, Fahmy and Mhilige did not take choosing the right accessories lightly. Together they opted for the most renowned local designers to complete their picture-perfect wardrobe. For the extravagant glitz of the opening and closing ceremonies at GFF the two agreed on Dima Rashid’s diamond-encrusted pieces. For the presenter’s daytime looks, they relied on Azza Fahmy’s articulate work for unforgettable statements.

Khalid Mansour and Karine Fahmy on the Red Carpet at the GFF
Khalid Mansour and Karine Fahmy on the Red Carpet at the GFF

Stay True to Your Essence

Mlihigue knows his muse well. “She reminds me of Queen Rania and Jackie Kennedy – modernised classic fashion works perfectly for her,” he explains. “Given her features and body shape, she looks exquisite in classic cuts. However, she always needs a contemporary concept to complement her ideal silhouette. While a funky aesthetic suits her when it comes to casual wear, I believe that her evening choices are always better when they follow a classic direction with a creative edge,” he explains.  Mlihigue credits Fahmy’s winning dress for the GFF closing ceremony to his deep understanding of Fahmy’s fashion persona. After years in the industry, the designer cannot stress enough the importance of being honest to oneself rather than following the crowd or giving in to social pressure.