Kanjo Design House

Nourhan & Dayana’s Nuanced Aesthetic

Recently, we have seen more women architects/interior designers rise to prominence in Egypt. Sisters Nourhan and Dayana Kanjo are two such rising professionals making a strong impact in the market. These two architects have realised their joint dream of founding Kanjo Design House; a design house that swims against the tide and stands out in a very crowded field. eniGma got the chance to take a closer look at these strong and inspiring women and at how they are achieving increasing success with their own brand of design creativity and innovation.

Co-founders of Kanjo Design House Nourhan and Dayana Kanjo both graduated from England with degrees in Architecture and they both have received certification by the Royal Institute of British Architecture. Having shared the dream of starting a design house together from an early age, the two sisters tread the same path with determination to reach their goal, and in 2017, they made their dream a reality. Kanjo Design House specialises in interior design and architecture as well as project execution and supervision.

Much of Nourhan and Dayana’s success lies in their ability to blend their personal styles and tastes to create unique and well-thought-out designs. Through their unique collaboration, every one of their designs is a hybrid of the strengths they each bring to the table. Blending their distinct styles is actually the key to their success.

The first step that the Kanjo Design House partners take when starting a new project, is to envision its conceptual design with the client’s full input. Nourhan and Dayana stress that maintaining a strong client/designer relationship from start to finish, throughout design and execution, is central to their success. They view each project as a partnership with the client where both parties are in constant communication to make sure they always see eye to eye.
The overarching goal of Kanjo Design House is to achieve utmost client satisfaction while achieving the highest quality possible in all their projects. Punctuality is a central component of the excellent service they provide, and it is one of the key values that are most precious to the architect sisters.

Another unique characteristic of Kanjo Design House, is the importance it assigns to being environmentally friendly. The two talented architects are passionate about protecting the environment through their craft. They incorporate the use of renewable energy as much as possible in their work and always aspire to delivering functional, yet environmentally safe, end products.

Basking in their success today, it is easy to overlook the fact that, like other entrepreneurs, Dayana and Nourhan Kanjo faced their own set of challenges when they started their business. Nevertheless, their dedication and dynamic teamwork has helped them achieve their goals, one project at a time. Through their example, they are an inspiration to other young women in Egypt.