IZIL Beauty

Pampering Our Guests

IZIL, the first plant-based skincare brand in Dubai specialising in natural, centuries-old formulas, was launched by Moroccan-born Mouna Abbassy in 2013. The inspiration for IZIL was drawn from Morocco, where ancient products and rituals have long been cherished and perfected by Moroccan women.

Looking at how far Abbassy has come, it’s hard to believe that her international company IZIL with its recognised brand identity started only in 2013 when she decided to produce nine products and market them through a Facebook page. Abbassy’s products at the time included organic body scrubs, moisturisers and masks formulated with argan oil from the Atlas Mountains. They took off in no time and Abbassy went on to open six IZIL kiosks across the UAE between 2014 and 2016. Year after year, the brand gained increased recognition in the world of skincare and received awards from Cartier, Hadafi and VVGrowth among others. In 2015, the IZIL e-commerce website was created to expand distribution to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

After almost ten years since it started, IZIL is now an exquisite full-fledged spa with a flagship location in Dubai Mall, Dubai’s most luxurious mall, offering an extensive range of services that include its premium, authentic Moroccan Hammam experience. IZIL services at the spa range from face care to hair care, body care and hammam; each using carefully selected special blends of Moroccan organic plant extracts, herbs and essential oils of the highest quality. IZIL’s formulations are free from harmful chemicals, synthetic preservatives and parabens. Their labels are accurate and honest, listing all the ingredients they use in their products. Recently, IZIL expanded their range to include products for men as well.

In sum, if you are looking for the ultimate pampering spa experience, look no further. At IZIL, you will receive an unparalleled level of care and attention and will marvel at the purity and effectiveness of IZIL’s natural products. After experiencing their services, you’ll leave the spa feeling relaxed, refreshed and wanting more!