Ixina Kitchens

German Quality & French Details

At the heart of every home is the kitchen, from whence all good things emanate. It’s where nutritious, healthy meals are prepared; where families laugh or argue as they enjoy those meals; and it’s the home space that most defines the occupants’ personalities. Given the importance of the kitchen in our modern lives, it’s only natural that more people today believe that investing in a great kitchen is well worth the expense.

Ixina was first introduced to Egypt in 2010 by Moataz ElSetouhy and Moustafa Ali Moussa. Starting with a boutique showroom in Zamalek, the brand rapidly created and nurtured a niche clientele. According to Saif ElSetouhy, the man currently spearheading his family business, Ixina is favoured by clients who regard kitchens as an investment opportunity. “I always knew that this brand had great potential and could address an evident gap in the local market. I decided to take it over in order to expand and develop it exponentially,” says ElSetouhy, who joined the company right after graduation from university.

With a reputation for quality and innovation that has rapidly spread by word of mouth, the brand has managed to dominate the Egyptian market in a relatively short period of time. The brand utilises creativity to give each client a tailored design based on personalisation. Simple information, such as the client’s height and daily habits, guide the design team as they visualise the perfect solutions for each owner. Once the design is approved by the client, the kitchen is manufactured in Germany, where each kitchen is guaranteed to be a testimony to the brand’s devotion to quality and distinction. Each product goes through multiple tests as part of the brand’s unwavering quality control. The entire process is automated, leaving no room for mistakes.

The client experience provided by Ixina’s team is also part of what sets the brand apart from its competitors. Starting from the early planning stage to after sales service, the team caters to each and every detail, maintaining a personal rapport with clients, years after their first encounter. During the early stages of the design process, Ixina recently began giving clients an extra tool to better determine what they want in the design of their kitchens. Using an app on their phones, clients receive a barcode that allows them to walk through the proposed design and enjoy a 3D experience.

Building on the impressive success they have achieved so far, Ixina Egypt is now working on opening a second showroom in New Cairo. ElSetouhy and his team are looking forward to further showcasing their brand’s potential and the elite quality of their kitchens.