Stemming from its conviction that Egyptian youth form the seed for a promising future, Inertia has recently  announced a unique sports program that has been in the works for over a year. The program aims to support three of Egypt’s most prominent athletic talents with diverse sports backgrounds. The sports champions supported by Inertia are Ramadan Darwish (Judo), Hassan Hassan (Roman Wrestling), both aiming to compete in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, and 12 year-old Layla Shoukry (Tennis) whose goal is to participate in the 2022 Junior Olympics.

The time has come for these hard-working athletes to receive the support and attention they deserve, in order to build a brighter future for them and to make every Egyptian proud as well,” says Inertia’s CEO, Ahmed El Adawy. “I truly understand how it feels to stand alone against a discouraging current of pessimists and non-believers, working silently with minimal resources to achieve greatness,” he adds.

According to El Adawy, Inertia’s unique support model, the first of its kind, begins by accompanying athletic talents on a path of relentless determination and hard work that would lead them to becoming the best in their fields. The promising rising athletes chosen by Inertia are provided with access to professional coaching and countless other benefits. Inertia’s sports initiative is closely aligned with the company’s core values, which challenge conventional lifestyles and provide higher living standards to people who join Inertia’s communities. Having experienced similar hardships early in their careers, Inertia’s founders are determined to help these burgeoning athletes overcome the daily mental grind involved in regular practice. They appreciate the value of empowering athletes by supporting them with day to day follow-up, professional coaches and top-notch equipment. They so strongly believe in their partnership with the athletes that the company’s CEO personally recorded the voice over for the program’s new advertisement as a show of support and encouragement.

The three athletes in Inertia’s sport program already have a number of impressive accomplishments under their belts. Ramadan Darwish broke an international record by becoming a three time Judo champion of the Mediterranean Games. He is also a six time African champion and has achieved 7th position in the Rio De Janeiro Olympics in 2016. Meanwhile Hassan Hassan’s latest achievement in Roman Wrestling was a silver medal at the World Youth Championship in Slovakia last September. As for the tennis prodigy in the making, Layla Shoukry, she ranked first in Egypt and Africa under the age of 12.  She also performed spectacularly in many local and international tennis tournaments in the past period.  Layla is working hard to achieve her goal of participating in Junior Olympics 2022 and in Roland Garros 2021.