Check out Inertia’s Hot New Video

Since its inception in 2007, Inertia, a leading Egyptian real estate company has developed distinctive, valuable and dynamic projects all over the country. Their projects cater mostly to today’s cosmopolitan clientele, due to its cutting edge architecture and innovative concepts. So, whether it’s in energetic Cairo or by the mesmerising Mediterranean Sea or on the enchanting Red Sea, Inertia’s projects aim to establish close-knit and active communities. Therefore, they don’t solely provide real estate, but an accompanied and equally gratifying lifestyle.

Inertia’s developments range from state of the art medical centres, such as Medipoint Sheikh Zayed, Medipoint Mena Plaza; expansive residential properties like West Hills, G Cribs in El Gouna, Soleya, Brix, Joulz, Veranda in Sahl Hasheeh, and the mega-project Jefaira in the North Coast.



The promo video, ‘Remember to Live’ is a reminder to Inertia’s target audience about stopping and smelling the flowers. The protagonist of the video is caught up in the hustle and bustle of his mundane life; however, after a wake-up call he remembers to live. This notion is the center of their mission at Inertia. Inertia wants to remind people to simply live for those quality moments you have with your loved ones instead of being distracted by your job, duties or responsibilities. We encourage ambition and dedication; however, in the 21st century it can consume too much of you; therefore by purchasing real estate with Inertia, they strive to offer a place where these quality moments are created and cherished.