If you’re looking for a new hangout spot to enjoy with your friends, look no further. Real estate giant Hyde Park Development recently launched its new Hydeout hub in New Cairo and it’s the talk of the town!

To provide guests with a taste of the ambience and offerings they can expect at Hydeout, Hyde Park recently organized a high-powered launch for its new project that included a VIP ceremony featuring performances by none other than the legendary singer Amr Diab, as well as the gorgeous Lebanese singer Caroline Karam. Guests also got to enjoy a rich variety of activities, including hair braiding and a 3D mapping show, all with the accompaniment of DJ Junkie’s music sets keeping everyone in a festive mood.

The delicious culinary delights at the launch were a prelude to the wide variety of international cuisines on offer at the Hydeout hub. Hydeout boasts an array of unique, beautifully designed restaurants, such as M. by El Khaldy, Steak de Paris, Greek Club and Bellucci, where food connoisseurs are sure to enjoy some unforgettable culinary experiences in the most delightful ambiences. For a taste of something more casual in an outdoor setting, you can grab a delicious meal from one of several food trucks around and enjoy your meal amidst the bountiful green surroundings. How about a picnic on one of the gorgeous lawns nearby?

But Hydeout is not only the place to find great food options. Conceived as a recreational hub for the whole family, a host of leisure activities to suit all ages can be enjoyed at Hydeout. A wide variety of sports, including archery and paddle tennis, as well as dance classes, are available for you to try. The choice of activities is amazing and they are all within easy reach. This is a great place to try something new!

Most of all, Hydeout provides the perfect setting for a fun time to be enjoyed together by the whole family. It’s perfect for a regular weekend outing, holidays and special celebrations. Just head to Hydeout when you want to spend a great time with friends and family and have a whole lot of fun.