There’s a universal issue that we feel it’s about time we face: how to tell your significant other that she gained weight? Honestly, there’s no easy or right way to say it; you just cross your fingers and hope you don’t get killed in the process. In any case, here are some tips that could help you out…


Accept the Fact

First thing’s first: accept that there’s no right way to tell her. No matter how you approach the subject, know that your head’s getting bitten off, but for the sake of your loved one, you’ve got to try. Once you do find the right approach, pass it around and save your gender.


Don’t Lie

If she full on comes to you and asks you, don’t LIE. Either way, things are going to get emotional because she’s not angry at you, she’s angry at herself and her body. If she asks you, it’s because she probably knows the truth but needs to hear it from the one person who knows her best. Lying won’t get you out of trouble, it’ll just show her that you’re full of crap.


Do It Together

Encourage her to work out by actually working out together. Even if this slows down your workout, it will motivate both of you to stick to a specific workout routine. Instead of taking it as an obligation, it’ll become a fun activity with your boo. Either way, you both win. And you know what they say: couples who work out together, stay together.


Don’t Twist the Knife

Don’t compare her to her former fit self; she already knows what she lost and she already wants it back more than you do. Instead, make her appreciate herself even more. The weight issue will always be a sensitive topic, so don’t make her lose her confidence, and encourage her by telling her that you know that if she puts her mind to it, she will do it, just like with everything else.


Don’t Poke the Bear

If you’re going to crack a  joke about it, do it at the end of the conversation, when she’s said all that she needed to say,  and you’ve given her the motivational talk. Then, crack the joke to lighten up the conversation, but make sure it doesn’t personally reflect on her.


When all else fails, just throw some chocolate at her and run!