How To Style Your Burkini

“Style is something each of us already has; all we need to do is find it.” – Diane von Furstenberg. This includes veiled ladies, who should also remember to celebrate themselves and showcase their flair.

Here are some tips for styling your burkini and modest swimwear.

This is a simple black burkini look. The swimwear includes a swim-top: with a front
zip, plus swim leggings, as well as an extra mini-skirt-looking piece on top.


Now, add a very simple textured black turban head wrap, that will match the simple black
burkini swimwear.

A pair of chevron-striped wide leg knitted trousers creates a skirt-inspired appearance. Slip them over the simple black burkini for a more-is-more look.

Inspired by the essence of love for fresh art, these Paper Lily stud earrings can be added to break the upper black while connecting with the colourful pants.

These black cat eye acetate sunglasses are inspired by the fashionable style of the 50’s  and 60’s. They have a shaped frame with an up-sweep at the outer edges.

Who doesn’t love themselves some bombastic beach-bound necklaces? A beachy and magnificent pendant shows uniqueness. This one is full of different colours that match seamlessly with the pants.