Sometimes, makeup can be the ultimate struggle. Even the most talented of us can occasionally be completely off their game and make every possible makeup mistake you can think of. It can feel like the end of the world if you have to erase everything you’ve done so far and start your entire makeup routine over, and all because of one slip-up. We’ve thought of every mistake you might make mid-makeup routine and have come up with a solution so that you can save your entire look without ever having to start over!

Creased Concealer

When the concealer under your eyes creases, it is usually because of a lack of proper priming; it’s fine, we’ve all done it. When this happens, the only solution is to lightly apply loose powder under your eyes to diminish the effect of cracked concealer that has sunk into the lines on that area. No need to remove the concealer and prime; just a little powder works every time!

Messed Up Eyeliner

This is probably the holy grail of makeup disasters. Using makeup remover to fix our wings just makes everything way worse. To fix this, use a little moisturiser on a cotton bud, and with one sweep, erase the eyeliner mistake – it’ll come right off without smudging all around. Alternatively, use black eye shadow and a very thin angled brush to create a perfect wing.

Smudged Lipstick

Applying lipstick flawlessly is quite tricky. It is particularly a problem when applying red lipstick because any smudge becomes much worse when we try to remove it. The solution here is to apply concealer, using a thin brush, to cover up the smudges. Then, blend the concealer outwards so that it mixes with the rest of your skin. You’ll get the perfect lip every time.

Mascara Mess

Have you ever sneezed while applying mascara? Did you also nearly scream when you found a huge black blob on your eyelids? We feel you. Even if you don’t sneeze, sometimes mascara can hit your eyelids and leave little black marks all over your perfect eye shadow. The trick is to never use makeup remover to get rid of it because you’ll surely mess up your eye shadow. When this happens, wait for around 5-10 minutes, until the mascara has completely dried up. Then, use a cotton bud to gently wipe it off. The mascara comes right off when it’s dry, without messing up anything else.

Eye Shadow on Our FACES!

It happens to all of us – we apply eye shadow only to find that the powder has fallen under our eyes and on our cheeks, creating a huge mess. This won’t be a problem if you haven’t applied foundation yet; you can just wipe the mess off. If you have already applied your skin products, however, it won’t be as easy. You can apply a little bit of translucent powder to a fluffy brush, and literally use that to dust off the product. If you can still see faint smudges, just tap a bit of concealer or foundation with your finger over the area. Good as new!

Too Much Blush

If you’ve ever applied blush with a heavy hand, you will completely sympathise. Sometimes, we end up looking like we’ve been sunburned, rather than slightly flushed. When this happens, either completely wipe any product off your blush brush; then, use it to blend out/remove the excess blush, or dab your cheeks with a damp makeup sponge (preferably the one you used to apply foundation since it will have a little bit of product on it) to tone down the redness.

No mid-makeup catastrophes can bring you down ever again! You will never have to redo anything if you follow these simple solutions.

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By: Nada Motawe