How To Reduce Stress at Home During Coronavirus Confinement

The Coronavirus has taken a toll on the entire world, and frankly, it’s no surprise that stress levels are through the roof. With many of us are staying at home , we are busy working, constantly keeping children entertained and sanitizing regularly.  An escape from our new reality is absolutely necessary if we are to maintain our mental health. Distracting ourselves with certain activities can be relaxing as can trying to create a more serene environment in our homes. Here’s a brief guide that can help you get your mind off of the chaotic COVID-19 situation.

To all hoarders or people who just didn’t have the time to tidy up recently, now is your chance to clear up your space. Organizing is not just aesthetically pleasing, but will boost productivity levels and will make you feel calmer. To hit two birds with one stone, if you’re looking for something to watch on Netflix, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, is the perfect choice. Kondo’s expert advice will definitely help you learn organization tips whilst keeping you entertained.
Introduce scents
Imagine breathing fresh forest air; the cool mist, transports you into a state of euphoria and peace. Luckily, an ultrasonic diffuser and essential oils will create this experience in your very own home. Science has proven that scents like lavender, decrease levels of anxiety and put you in a state of relaxation. Other essential oils we recommend for stress relief are sandalwood, bergamot, rose and chamomile. You can never go wrong with a classic scented-candle for an extra element of warmth. A fresh citrusy scent will help keep you wide awake during the day while you accomplish your tasks,whilst a more woody, rustic scent can help you to kick back at the end of a long day.
You deserve to reward yourself with a little pampering while spending long, tiring days indoors. Staying indoors means a lack of exposure to the sun, which can cause stress to your hair and skin. Since you are confined to your home alone, you might as well seize this opportunity to use face and hair masks. And just because you’re Netlixing and chilling, doesn’t mean that you can’t be both cozy and chic. It’s time to up your loungewear game with these pretty pajamas and comfortable house slippers.