In this moment of crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic and with the month of Ramadan upon us, many are looking for ways to help the less fortunate and to support medical staff on the front lines in hospitals. Celebrities and regular people are stepping up to help in various ways, demonstrating a united front in the fight against the coronavirus and its ramifications. Here are some of the organisations and campaigns that deserve your support.


Founded by Hana El Sadat, Neya is an effective platform for many kinds of charitable giving, and it makes it easy to donate online to the causes dearest to you. The organisation welcomes both monetary and in-kind donations all year round. By the first week of April, Neya was already ahead in its Ramadan drive, creating food boxes to distribute to underprivileged families all over Egypt until the end of Ramadan. “We have already sent boxes to Sohag, Minya, and Mokattam and are in the process of sending to families in Greater Cairo and Alexandria too,” said El Sadat in early April. It is also possible to donate and have Neya send the food boxes to you to distribute them directly within your area to people you know are in need. Neya also makes sure to purchase the content of their food boxes from small businesses in order to provide them with a regular source of revenue in these turbulent times. The Neya platform is also launching a special application during Ramadan. “You will be able to instantly donate through the app to causes you care about and purchase any market place products as well,” El Sadat proclaimed. “We have even “gamified” the process, providing incentives to donate by assigning points to every donation. The more you donate, the more points you receive; and you will be able to use the points for purchases at any F&B restaurant in Egypt,” says El Sadat.

Neya is also collaborating with the Egyptian Clothing Bank. You can donate your unwanted items and clothing to be delivered to people in need. With so many of us confined to our homes, it’s a great idea to get on with spring-cleaning now and help those in need by donating garments you don’t need anymore.

Donate to Neya, directly through their website or email for more personalised options.

Ahmed El Saka

Resala’s Kheir Challenge

The Kheir challenge started with an Instagram video of football player Saad Samir announcing that, in collaboration with Resala, he would give financial support to 20 families in special distress, giving priority to single mothers, people suffering from chronic diseases and daily workers unable to quarantine or work from home. Samir tagged fellow football players to join the cause. Fortunately, many players tagged by Samir rose to the challenge and announced that they would be following in his footsteps. These included Mahmoud Trezeguet, Shikabala, Mahmoud Alaa, Tarek Hamed, Sherif Ekramy, Walid Soliman, and Karim Walid.

Celebrities from the entertainment industry also jumped on board the Kheir challenge. Mona Zaki was among the first to accept the challenge, announcing that she would be financially supporting 80 families, and challenging some of her fellow celebrities to join. The challenge soon experienced a snowball effect, with many more celebrities joining the campaign. The celebrities who joined include Ahmed El-Sakka, Amir Karara, Ahmed Dawood, Mahmoud Shikabala, Hossam Ghaly, Shiko, Ahmed Fahmi, Hannah El Zahed, Hanan Motawi, Dhafer L’abedine, Dorra, Amr Youssef, Kenda Aloush, Mahmoud Genesh, Mohamed El-Shenawy, Laila Eloui, Donia Samir Ghanem, Hend Sabri and Mohamed Ramadan who donated a massive EGP 2 million to the Egyptian Ministry of Health. Large companies also joined the challenge, including Al Attal Holding, RFCO Construction Company and Infinity Clinic Pharma. The latter is also distributing free hand sanitizer gel, as well as launching a health awareness and COVID-19 prevention campaign.

To support Resala’s goal of helping 100,000 Egyptian families, donate through Resala’s 19450 account at all Egyptian banks, Vodafone Cash, its website or by a simple SMS to 9585.

The Breathe Campaign

Amina Khalil

Charity start-up Humankind, established by Jenan Sheta and her sisters, Kholood and Zeina, launched the Breathe Campaign in collaboration with the Egyptian Cure Bank, to collect funds for the purchase of ventilators from China for Egyptian hospitals taking care of coronavirus patients. The campaign drew together many of Egypt’s biggest celebrities, including Youssra, Amina Khalil, Tara Emad and others, to help raise awareness of this critical need. The celebrities took part in a video showing them taking a simple breath to emphasise the importance and privilege of merely being able to do just that. The videos brought in large donations that allowed the purchase of 30 ventilators in a short amount of time. In view of the severe shortage of masks and protective equipment for medical staff as well, the organisation is also directing funds to this critical necessity.

There are various ways to donate to the cause that are shown directly on the website, 

Ahl MasrLed by Heba El Suwaidy, Ahl Masr Foundation, known for its drive to build a huge hospital for burn victims in Cairo, has jumped on the bandwagon to help in the fight against COVID-19. Through an ambitious initiative, it is taking the lead to provide the critical protective equipment needed by medical teams at COVID-19 hospitals. Ahl Masr is collaborating with the Giza Systems Education Foundation (GSEF) in this effort. While they have already distributed thousands of protective masks to hospitals around Egypt, their work is just beginning. They have signed protocols with 5 factories to produce the protective gear needed as well as produce ventilators, which are in short supply. The foundation is also operating with the Ministry of Health by dedicating three of its buildings to be transformed into isolation hospitals with 500 beds. Needless to say, donations are urgently needed for this critical effort given the continued spread of the virus and the severe shortages in Egypt’s hospitals.

To donate, visit or call 16863.

Kheir We Baraka, NGO

Founded by Nevine El Ibrashy, reputable NGO Kheir We Baraka is known for its landmark work in Ezbet Khairallah and its management of children’s state of the art nurseries in El Asmarat. Kheir We Baraka is joining the fight against COVID-19. The organisation is helping by providing financial assistance to day to day workers. The organisation is helping day-to-day workers as well as single mothers, and marginalised families at a higher health risk from the coronavirus, specifically in Ezbet Khairallah, Al Asmarat, and select villages in Sohag and Aswan. Kheir We Baraka has also launched awareness campaigns and is providing free healthcare and sanitary products like hand sanitising gel and facemasks in neighbourhoods where people cannot afford them. The need is great, as there are many more families around the country that still need help through this pandemic.

To donate, visit or call 19726 for more information/donations.