Hossam Nabil

Redefining Interior Design & Architecture

One of our favourite interior designers/architects, Hossam Nabil, is taking 2021 by storm. Known for his luxury designs with modern twists. eniGma’s Ezz Al-Turkey caught up with Nabil to discuss how he manages to constantly reinvent his interior design brand and come out on top of the competition in the industry.

What have you been working on since we last caught up?
Work has been going great! Aside from some residential projects we’re very excited about, we have also been working on new designs for office buildings. We are also working with developers launching a new compound, doing the design and interiors for them. We’re focusing a lot more on architecture this year. This year has been busy, since last year, many projects came to a halt due to the pandemic. There were also a lot of budget limitations but things have started to go back to normal. Projects are returning at a quicker pace, intending to finish faster. Last year, a lot of clients wanted to move forward but then things quieted down. Things are slowly returning to normal, however.

Tell us about last summer, how was work on summer houses this year?
This summer was very special because people went to Sahel early. We managed to finish houses earlier than usual so that they could start their summer early. Clients are also paying special attention to the quality of their homes since they are staying there longer than they are used to. Many are working from their homes in Sahel and we wanted to create a comfortable environment for them.
The pandemic encouraged people to have gyms and offices in their homes. Is this trend continuing?
Yes, gyms and home offices are almost a must now. Everything related to lifestyle and work is now being integrated into residential projects. These changes which took place in 2020 are sticking with us in 2021. I think they’re not going away anytime soon.

Are your designs changing as you move forward?
As a designer, I am always looking to advance to the next best thing. So, if I am working on a small gym today, tomorrow I want to create a larger gym. Our designs used to be limited by the small spaces available but now we tend to be given more space to play around and get creative, as clients are prioritising space for gyms, offices and even saunas. I love thinking outside the box. The more change there is, the more there is room for me to explore and to create things that are as different and as unique as possible.
You take on a lot of projects, how do you manage to stay motivated?
I love what I do. Design is my passion, so all the effort and hard times turn into pleasure when I see my designs come to life. In addition, we have a very professional team in the office. Each is an expert in his/her domain – so also having the right team is crucial. I talk with my team about developments in the design, our ambitions as a company and they share with me my vision.

How do you stay relevant and create trends in this very competitive field?
One part is related to me, Hossam Nabil and the second part is related to my team. I always take at least 30 minutes out of my day to read about trends from around the world, to remain up to date with what’s happening outside of Egypt. However, it’s not really about trends as much as it is about keeping up with the standards you have achieved with your brand. To keep my team updated, we talk at the office on developments in design, while making clear what our company stands for as well. I don’t succeed on my own, we have to grow together as a team.
How do you feel about the design industry’s recent rapid growth in Egypt?
It’s good to see the different directions and diverse styles. Other designers, whether focused on modern or classic styles, can challenge you to think outside of the box and to create something you’ve never thought of trying!

Now that things are better, what are your future goals and projects?
I am hoping to keep expanding the office and not stop at a specific point. Now that things are a bit better regarding Covid-19, we need to move forward. Our current projects are mostly residences. However, we’re always working on architecture and recently, we’ve started to focus more on landscape work. We’ve also started the production of furniture and are trying to do almost everything in-house. I am always trying to introduce new avenues to the company.