Home Remedies for Luscious Locks

Every girl’s dream is to have luscious locks, and every girl also struggles with at least one problem when it comes to her hair. This is a guide to home remedies you can make yourself for healthier, more vibrant and beautiful strands.

Hot Oils

The basic remedy for at home use is using lots and lots of oils. Since your hair naturally produces oils, adding more to the already existing ones makes sense. Our top picks are coconut, almond, castor, argan and jojoba oils. They’re rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, which help seal the hair’s outer layer and protect it from further damage.

Eggs & Mayonnaise

Head over to your fridge for this one. These natural ingredients are your gateway to healthier hair with added strength. They help moisturize brittle and very dry hair.


For those who have an itchy scalp, lemon is your direct remedy as the acidity in the juice removes dry skin flakes. Add olive oil to the mixture for added moisture and to end any scalp irritation.


Whether your hair is dry from sun exposure or from excessive blow drying, honey is sure to lock in moisture and renew your strands. While it may seem like a ‘sticky situation’, it’s well worth it!


If you’re looking for smoother, silkier and more shiny hair, gelatin is your answer. It coats your hair and gives off a Hollywood glow.

Baby Powder

For oily hair, a dusting of baby powder can be used instead of dry shampoo. It automatically absorbs any excess oils and gives off a fresh baby scent.