HeliosPlus Design House

Mohamed Bassem’s Innovative Designs

Mohamed Bassem comes from a family steeped in the construction business ever since his grandfather, who hailed from Greece, launched Helios in 1948. The company was the first to specialise in roof tiles. After graduating in 2019 from Coventry University in the UK with a degree in Architecture, Bassem decided to start his own company, HeliosPlus (H+), focusing on architecture and interior design, his two main passions. eniGma’s Ezz Al-Turkey sat down with the young architect to learn more about his company and his big dreams for it. Here are excerpts from the revealing interview…

Tell us about your company H+?
H+ is a multidisciplinary company that specialises in architecture, interior, and landscape design. Our main focus is the client, and we design everything differently but according to the client’s taste. Our name always reminds us of what we do; we are the third generation of Helios, an addition to the mother company. We aspire to add value in all our designs which are customised for you, be it a multistory building or an interior space. I work with a team, all with an architectural background and a huge passion for creating innovative and functional designs. We are dedicated to what we do, making sure of the magnificence and freshness of the outcome.

What were some of the challenges you faced when starting H+?
Like any market, the architecture design market has a wide range of competitors. Whether the competitors have the same philosophy as us or not, competition always motivates us to create newer ideas or even to merge and collaborate with others. However, my biggest challenge was to build a good reputation in a very short time, since H+ is new in the market. People always questioned why I chose to set up my own company instead of joining a well experienced company. I believe that starting my own company was the right decision since I can overcome the biggest challenges by being backed by a mother company that has been in the field of construction since 1948.

How would you describe the H+ style?
We don’t believe in segmenting and categorising styles since that likens the design process to picking something from the shelf. We believe in optimising the design and function of the space first, then adding the layer of the style we find relevant to the client’s identity. We are keen on keeping up with the trends and what’s new and aspire to becoming the ones who create these trends one day.

How do you find out the clients’ identity?
As an architect or an interior designer, you must have the necessary knowledge about every aspect of your clients life. You must khow how they spend their time in the space you’re about to design. You are the maestro; you utilise the space in a way that creates an interactive pleasurable home or business that reflects their identity.

Are there any upcoming projects that you’re excited about?
What’s exciting is that we are currently working on multiple different projects. We have an ongoing architectural renovation of an administrative building of a paints factory that is ranked the fourth in the world. We also are implementing a fast track fast food restaurant in Sheikh Zayed. In the interior design department, we are working on multiple residential projects in Palm Hills, New Giza and Maadi, in addition to a gym and a fitness centre.