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Spacious Sanctuaries Unique Designs by Solid Architects

This month, we bring you some fabulous designs by one of the leading design brands, Solid Architects. Led by engineers Adel Bassilious and Mina Samy, this firm is known for its simple, yet elegant architectural and interior design projects.

This summer house, aptly named Summer Mood, is the result of great cooperation between client and designer. The project is free of any vibrant colours or over-the-top elements.

This apartment in Heliopolis’ Korba area stands out in Solid Architects’ catalogue. The design includes a creative spin on empty space, with some hidden spaces used for storage.

The bedroom for Summer Mood reflects the relaxing vibe that is prevalent throughout the house. The greenery directly outside the window adds to the calming effect of the design.

This kitchen is the result of great attention to detail. When designing this space, Solid focused on the little things that brought out the summer feel of this beach-side kitchen!