Hany Saad

Changing the Face of Interiors in Egypt

Bursting with both talent and passion, Hany Saad, architect and interior designer extraordinaire, started his business as a one man show immediately after graduating in 2003. Believing in himself and in his dream of reaching the pinnacle of his profession, he built himself from scratch to become one of Egypt’s top architects/interior designers. Today, he manages a team of over 500 professionals in different fields and boasts numerous projects under his belt. The offices of his design firm, Hany Saad Innovations, housed in a fabulous state of the art, ultra-modern building, stand out as an example of his signature sleek, modern designs, for which he is famous. Saad is living his dream, proving that success has more to do with what you believe you can accomplish rather than following a well-trodden path. To Saad, nothing is impossible; and that is his secret to success. eniGma’s Reem Tamo sat with the designer for an in-depth conversation.

Focusing on high-end residential projects, Hany Saad Innovations successfully competes with the rest of the market by providing services which other design firms don’t normally provide. Saad is also known for his attention to the tiniest of details from the design phase to execution and beyond. When he hands over a house to his clients, everything is taken care of, including the smallest of features like the stitching of the cushions and the engraving of door handles with the family’s initials. His firm’s unique offerings also include hiring a management and a maintenance team to take care of a client’s house after delivery.

To make sure his designs will be fully satisfactory to his clients, Saad spends a lot of time getting to know his clients. “I ask prospective clients about their lifestyles, what they like and don’t like. If a client likes to drink their morning coffee quietly, then I may incorporate a terrace where they can do that; if they enjoy cardio, I will integrate a gym with a view,” says Saad. The client’s preference for a modern or a classic direction for the design is assessed in the beginning and Saad takes it from there. An array of mood boards is provided to the client, and when one is selected Saad moves on to the preparation of actual 3D renders of the space and ultimately, to the implementation phase. “We’re very patient with our clients. We understand that the space we’re creating is where they will spend most of their time, and hence, has to be perfectly aligned with their lifestyle,” he adds.

While Saad is famous for creating visually appealing designs, he insists that he attaches equal importance to making sure his designs are realistic as well. “Our homes are as practical as they are aesthetically pleasing. We do not create designs that could become problematic at execution. We take into consideration any restrictions that may apply to different projects,” says Saad, adding, “We also foresee other constraints that affect creativity, like the scarcity of certain raw materials, for example. Some of our resources can be found locally but there are others that we have to import.”

Hany Saad Innovations is currently working on many projects all around Egypt including Katameya Coast by Starlight Developments on the North Coast, The MarQ by The Address Development, Vinci and Garden 8 Mall by Misr Italia Properties and many more in the New Administrative Capital, Sahl Hashish and in and around Cairo.

Saad’s passion for his work translates into long working hours. He is at his office every morning at seven AM and spends much of his day at his construction sites. “I worry a lot and that is why I personally overlook all our projects,” he says. Having started his career doing everything himself, Saad still has a knack of overseeing all the details of his business, from design to execution and all things in between. His goal is to turn his clients’ dreams into reality and he will spare no effort doing that. “I really relish the feeling I get when a client calls me after moving in and shares with me the joy they feel after experiencing living in the space we’ve created. It really gives me great satisfaction,” he exclaims.

While appreciating words of praise from his satisfied clients, Saad is nonetheless always striving for more success by being his own personal critic. That is why he also accords time and energy to identifying possible flaws and futher improving his techniques. Building himself up from scratch, from a one man show to a 500-employee design firm, Saad says, “I still learn every day. I’m always working to further develop myself, as well as Hany Saad Innovations and my amazing team. I taught myself everything I know and I am still working on improving and evolving. I never feel like I’ve reached the epitome of success,” he explains.

Saad is inspired by different cultures and human behavior and this is evident in his style of design. He believes that there’s a direct correlation between all things design and architecture, including fashion and cars, for example. “I’m also highly inspired by self-made people and understand the struggles they must have gone through to achieve success,” he adds, as he elaborates on his philosophy of life.

“The secret to a good life is to have good intentions, goals and to have a lot of people constantly benefiting through you. True success is advancing, motivating and encouraging people to have limitless dreams and ambitions,” he thoughtfully explains. Firmly believing that there is more than one pathway to success, Saad urges people to think outside the box and aim for the stars, as long as they have a vision and the confidence that they will make it.

“Secrets of the Millionaires: How the Rich Became Wealthy, is a book I’ve been reading since I was in high school. It has helped me a lot and I always refer back to it when I’m faced with a new challenge. I’m highly influenced by this book,” says Saad. His motto is to disregard negativity and to focus on your hopes and dreams; show the world that anything is possible if you just believe in yourself.

True to his mantra, Saad continues to challenge himself by taking on daring projects, proving that faith and trust in oneself can make anything possible. “I don’t believe in society’s constraints. You will only succeed if you break free and start working towards manifesting your dreams and creating new standards,” he concludes. Saad’s success story is definitely worthy of praise.