The holy month of Ramadan announced its blissful presence on May 16 across the globe. Seeing as a large number of Muslims will be fasting from daylight to sunset, the month gives time for the community to learn more about self-discipline and to reflect on current circumstances of the less fortunate.

On the other hand, this shift in the daily regimen can negatively affect both your physical wellbeing and your energy levels if you’re not consuming the right food. From switching to grilled goodies and ditching the heavily fried samosas and drinking up large amounts of water, there are many ways you can keep your diet healthy and nourishing.

Firstly, you must keep yourself hydrated during iftar and sohour meal times by drinking at least 2 liters of water per day. You can also drink more than the recommended amount during hotter times. Secondly, you must always keep alternatives in the back of your mind. Look at your meals at hand and think, “how can I make this food healthier?” Simple changes like incorporating more greens and eating less oriental delicacies can be implemented from day 1.

Moreover, did you know that fitness and fasting go together rather well? Although, we must recommend that you don’t overdo it with cardio during fasting times. Focus on keeping the blood flowing before iftar with light exercises, and keep your body energised on natural elements, like walking up the stairs or hitting the gym for a quick midnight session.

Last but not least, keep the snacking to a bare minimum! Programme Leader BSc Food and Nutrition at Birmingham City University, Dr. Huda Al-Kateb says that during Ramadan, “hunger and dehydration might affect our cognitive abilities, which often means that our ability to make wise choices can be compromised when it comes to what food and drink that we consume during after the period of breaking the fast,” and she concluded her advise by adding that now is the perfect time for people to be aware what is and isn’t good to eat during Ramadan.

The full guide is available on this link.


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