Green Day’s Major Comeback

Rock music is coming back to life again with Green Day’s comeback. It’s been so long since we heard anything about Green Day! After a long hiatus since 2012, with lead singer Billy Joe Armstrong going to rehab, Green Day will release a new album called “Revolution Radio” on the 7th of October, marking their 12th studio album and first since 2012’s trilogy, “Uno, Dos, Tre”. The new album aims to reflect America’s current chaotic state; it doesn’t have a strictly political concept like their infamous “American Idiot” one, but its songs are still a reflection of societal problems. In promoting the album, the band released its first single “Bang Bang” on August 11. According to Billie Joe, the song is about the infinite slew of mass shootings and violence that have infected America. He tried to write it from the perspective of a shooter, and according to him, writing it and trying to get inside a shooter’s mind actually freaked him out!

From the new single, it is obvious that Green Day has successfully kept their sense of old school rock & roll. Even though a slight change happened to their music since their 90s heyday, they’re still maintaining their originality and their identity in all of their newer tracks.

All of which is leaving us super excited for the band’s latest album, one that will hopefully be a huge satisfaction for Rock music fans. In the meantime, check out the official lyrical video for “Bang Bang”.

By: Shadwa Hamza