For those ready to take some time off work, we’ve got a host of trendy destinations ready to put you in that summer state of mind. From relaxing retreats to party destinations, there is no shortage of fabulous vacation spots. So pack lightly and enjoy a blissful vacation with eniGma’s top choices for your summer destination.

Bodrum, Turkey

Caresse Resort

Why you should go: Its scenic Aegean views and abundance of fine-dining restaurants are guaranteed to give you the perfect escape from busy city life.
Where to stay: To avoid the crowds and enjoy unfettered access to panoramic views of the Aegean Sea, you should definitely stay at the five-star Caresse Resort. Its sleek and spacious interiors will lull you into blissful thoughts.
Where to eat: If you’ve already tried Nusr-et Steakhouse’s famed delicacies and have a penchant for Asian cuisine, then be sure not to miss dining at the world-renowned Zuma.


Kos, Greece

Why you should go: Avoid the overzealous crowds in Mykonos and Santorini, and head for the Greek island of Kos instead, where you’ll be sure to get the R&R you’re looking for.
Where to stay: The five star adults-only Diamond Deluxe Hotel, houses the finest selection of rooms and suites, and is the perfect venue to enjoy some fun in the sun.
Where to eat: Cuvee restaurant offers the ultimate fine dining experience for you to indulge in. Its regal interiors, coupled with its appetizing seafood offerings, make it the premier restaurant on the island.

Diamond Deluxe Hotel
Cuvee Restaurant

Phuket, Thailand

Why you should go: Phuket is a highly sought-after vacation spot known for its white sandy beaches and clear waters, along with its world-class spa services.
Where to stay: Sri Panwa Phuket is the ultimate five star luxury resort, which has made it a haven for international travellers.
Where to eat: Blue Elephant, located in an impressively beautiful mansion and known for exceptional Thai food, is a must for you and the crew. If you’re not familiar with Thai cuisine, opt for the chef’s set menu which consists of his signature dishes.

Sri Panwa Phuket
Blue Elephant

Lisbon, Portugal

Why you should go: With its captivating vistas, colorful landscapes and lively people, the city of Lisbon is guaranteed to take your breath away.
Where to stay: Situated in the center of Lisbon, the Bairro Alto Hotel serves as the ideal location from which to discover the city, ensuring that you’ll never skip a beat.
Where to eat: Influenced by Asian gastronomy, you are sure to enjoy O Asiático’s menu, which features a tantalizing mix of Eastern and Western flavours.

Bairro Alto Hotel
O Asiatico