Five Reasons Why Everyone Should Watch Seaspiracy

    Whether you are a documentary addict, an ocean fanatic or just an active social media user, you have probably heard of Seaspiracy. This Netflix production documentary was released earlier this year and it takes you on a trip around the world’s oceans to expose the impact of the fishing industry on our planet. It will also take you on a rollercoaster of emotions for 90 minutes. Here are five reasons why it is worth watching.

    Correcting Many Misconceptions 

    This documentary is filled with information and will correct any wrong information you may have and teach you quite a few things about the fishing industry and marine life, all while giving you a broader perspective on many important issues. A tidbit you will learn, for example, is that plastic straws make up 0.03% of the plastic in our oceans, while the most significant plastic threat to our oceans is the fishing vessels that kill or injure 250,000 turtles a year in the United States alone and fishing gears comprise 70% of the microplastics in our oceans.

    Understanding Bycatching 

    Seaspiracy explains what bycatching means and that will bring tears to your eyes. Director Ali Tabrizi exposes how bycatching is extremely common in the fishing industry and how 40% of all the fish caught gets thrown back in the ocean (as bycatch) and most of them die before hitting the waters. For every eight of the tuna fish caught, about 45 dolphins are slaughtered. Tabrizi also helps you understand why the “dolphin cruelty-free” tags commonly found on tuna cans do not actually guarantee what they claim.

    Understanding the Impact of the Fishing Industry on Climate Change 

    Many people don’t know that marine life is a huge part of protecting the entire planet from climate change. Dolphins and whales fertilize marine plants called phytoplankton which generate up to 85% of the oxygen we breathe and absorb four times the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by the Amazon rainforest. Hence the importance of saving the whales and dolphins.

    We Need to Appreciate Sharks 

    Seaspiracy makes you appreciate sharks and understand how fascinating these creatures are. While sharks kill on average 11 humans a year, we kill 30 thousand sharks every single hour. Since sharks are the first predators in the marine food chain, killing them disturbs the rest of the chain and causes major consequences to the survival of other marine species.

    Raising Awareness and Spreading the Word 

    We must urgently understand the threats to the ocean and marine life, as well as the solutions available to save them. The fishing industry is ruining our oceans and if the trend is not reversed, our oceans will be empty by 2048. Just recommending the documentary to someone, is a step forward to solving this challenge.