Egyptian student, 23-year-old Anne Mehany’s was definitely talking anything but nonsense when she filmed her short movie “Nonsense”, which aims to show that fashion is more than what meets the eye.  The main message behind the film is “that fashion is more than just clothes or fabrics. It is about building and creating a character. Clothes are notes as a language with its own grammar,” says Mehany.

The two-minute film was selected–out of 3000– by the University of the Arts in London to  be exclusively on screens during the five-day event.   This is the first time that a film by an Egyptian takes part in the British Academy Film Awards, more commonly known as the BAFTAs.

Shot in about 10 weeks between London and Los Angeles, the film is a joint effort between Mehany and her cousin, Andrew Mehany who directed the movie. The movie was inspired by Stella Bruzzi’s 1997 book Undressing Cinema: Clothing and Identity. 

Anne Mehany is currently a student at the London College of Fashion.