Tamer Hosny’s hand and foot imprint at the TCL Chinese Theatre

Enigma Magazine, the international Arab magazine distributed around the Middle East, organized a historic event at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood where for the first time ever, an Arab star received the great honour of having their hand and foot prints at Hollywood’s iconic Chinese Theatre. Yesterday at 6 pm on August 9th, 2017 the superstar Tamer Hosny, one of the most popular singers and actors in the Middle East, became the first Arab star to be honored with a historic Hand and Foot Imprint Ceremony in this unprecedented event. The imprint honored Hosny’s great achievements throughout his career. Hosny’s fans will now be able to visit the Chinese Theatre and see his imprint there for generations to come.

This great honor was followed by an exclusive performance by Hosny and the U.S. premiere of his latest movie Tesbah Ala Kheir (Goodnight). Later this year the movie will premiere in France and London. This historic event gives pride to all Egyptians and Arabs and will permanently honor the Arabic film and music industry. Only a select number of Hollywood stars have received this honor and by getting his Hand & Foot Imprint at the Chinese Theatre. Hosny has joined Hollywood legends including Michael Jackson, Al Pacino, Marilyn Monroe, Brad Pitt and other great actors who became members of this exclusive club.

Tamer Hosny welcomed the media and fans from all over the world to take part at this event at the Chinese Theatre where he made history. After the ceremony, Tamer sang a few songs after which his new movie :”Tesbah Ala Kheir” (Goodnight) premiered with English subtitles. This special event was organized by Enigma Magazine
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