Fifth Harmony and Five other Disintegrated Bands

Social media exploded last night when news broke that Camila Cabello turned Fifth Harmony into fourth harmony with her decision to leave the group. Speculation about the band’s future has already reached alarming rates. After all, the world is littered with stories of bands that have disintegrated after a core member decided to venture outside the group’s nest. In light of Cabello’s decision, we’ve decided to throw together a list of some of the most famous examples of said collapsed bands. Here are five of the fates that Fifth Harmony will be looking to avoid:

The Beatles:

Not many people know this, but the world’s most popular band was broken apart by rampant infighting among its core members. After John Lennon left in 1969, the other Beatles failed to release a single album together. Legal dispute swirled around the famous foursome until the mid-70s.

Infighting plagued The Beatles in the late 60s

The Jackson 5:

After some soaring successes during the 70s, The Jackson 5 were still relevant in the 80s, despite being overshadowed by the solo success of their front man, Michael Jackson. The bottom predictably fell out when Michael left in 1985, and The Jackson 5 has only released one studio album since.

Guns N’ Roses:

Guns N’ Roses failed to release a studio album for over 12 years after Slash decided to leave the band in 1996. The band’s popularity never recovered. Even Slash’s return to Guns N’ Roses, earlier this year, for a tour doesn’t look likely to help change its course.

Slash was a tough act to follow for Gunz' N' Roses

Pink Floyd:

Psychedelic rock pioneers Pink Floyd haven’t been the same since founding member Roger Waters decided to jump ship in 1985. They released no less than 12 studio albums with Waters between 65 and 85 and only three albums in the 31 years since.

One Direction:

Similar to Fifth Harmony, One Direction members were originally joined together during their X Factor auditions. The group remained fairly successful when founding member Zayn Malik left the group to pursue a solo career last year. The glue that joined them together, though, seems to have melted.  The group went into hiatus earlier this year, and its members have all begun pursuing solo opportunities.