Female Lead Actresses at the Forefront this Ramadan

female actresses 2

Egyptian female actresses are seemingly dominating the Ramadan Marathon this year. Participating in dramas, thrillers, comedies, or romance, female leads have been a true force to be reckoned with during the holy month.

Here are five of this year’s top female performances:

1- Sokoot Hor (Free Fall)

The talented Nelly Kareem came back this year with yet another powerful and challenging character. Presenting a new dark side and a dangerous taboo in Egyptian society, as well as featuring a strong crew and of course the skillful writer Mariam Naoum, Sokoot Hor is a truly impressive project.

The series kicked off with Nelly (Malak) being suspected of murdering her husband and sister. We follow her journey as she’s forced to spend time in a public psychotherapy clinic; and we also uncover the sad stories of her inmates.

Nelly Kareem’s touching performance presents a deep truthful image of mental and psychological illness, forcing the audience to sympathize with the character and get a glimpse of her pain and confusion.

Who knew a lead character can pull off two whole episodes without saying a word? Well! If anyone could do it, it is definitely Nelly!

2- Fok Mostawa Al shobohat (Above Reproach)

We are used to seeing Yousra in kind hearted, philanthropist, and idealistic roles. But this year, she took us by surprise, coming out as a cold-blooded killer! This show’s plot uncovers so many lies, conspiracies, insecurities and drama in a seemingly perfect upper-class community.

Yusra (Rahma) seems to enjoy the perfect life … successful, wealthy, educated, and on the track to join the parliament. But nothing is perfect in real life! Her old childhood sufferings and complexes come back to hunt her; and the perfect lady stops at nothing to save herself and to punish whoever has hurt her.

Can the beautiful Yousra pull off the evil character for once? She has definitely convinced us so far!

3- Al Mizan (The Scale)

Ghada Adel has earned herself a forefront seat in this year’s female drama competition, as the beautiful, confident, and competent lawyer in a dangerous world of crime and conspiracies.

She successfully and elegantly poses as the strong female model, struggling to overcome personal and professional hardship.

The young lawyer has to stand against so many doubts and challenges as she is chosen to defend a rich businessman in a high profile case. She is suddenly under the spotlights and her life is turned upside down.

Too many obstacles ahead the strong woman and competent lawyer … and such a hard challenge for a talented actress …

4- Afrah al koba

Taking us back on a journey to the seventies, Mona Zaky has joined the Ramadan marathon with a powerful role based on a novel by the legendary Naguib Mahfouz.

She brilliantly plays an aspiring actress who steps into the theatre full of dreams, and ends up mysteriously murdered in the first episodes.
The story is told through a series of flashbacks that uncover the story of Taheya (Mona Zaki).

Recreating the true essence of one of Mahfouz’s novels is definitely a challenge, but critics have so far praised the show and celebrated Mona Zaki’s flawless performance.

5- Nelly and Sherihan

When we first learned they are joining forces this year, we expected a huge deal of fun and laughter! And we were right. Joined by a talented crew of actors and guests, the two sisters seem to have nailed it this year.

Donia and Emy are presenting two extremely opposite and hilarious characters, which they are both pulling off perfectly. The rich spoiled girl and her struggling lower class cousin are the perfect duo this year, as they chase the mystery of their grandfather’s lost wealth.

As it incorporates so many names and memories of the good old days and of Ramadan specialties, the show also seeks to bring back the true essence of the wholly month.