Designer and founder of Temraza, Farida Temraz is determined to transform the booming fashion scene in Egypt. With a new collection and a show in London Fashion Week this month, eniGma’s Radwa El Ziki sat down with the rising designer to talk about her journey to the top.

From early on, it was obvious that Temraz had a talent for illustrations, drawing, and designing garments. In fact she always knew she wanted to be a fashion designer. She knows exactly what she wants and how to achieve it. She launched her first collection in the fall of 2012 and has been on a roll ever since. “Even though I have been designing for a long time, I wanted to launch it at the right time when I was sure that my techniques were perfected,” explains Temraz. With a team of talented designers from Kuwait, Lebanon, and Qatar, Temraza is quickly becoming one of the top fashion houses in Egypt.

Temraz’s vision behind the brand is to focus on highlighting a woman’s silhouette. “Whether you are curvy or skinny, tall or short, I come up with designs that suit and complement each body type,” she explains. With intricate details and the highest quality fabrics, Temraz focuses on every aspect in making the dress suitable for you and just you. From your skin colour to your body shape to the event you are going to, Temraz takes everything into consideration. According to her, a Temraza woman is sexy, chic, elegant and looking to make a statement. Along with the Haute Couture line, Temraza also offers a ready-to-wear line every season. The design house is very selective in taking on clients to ensure exclusivity.

An obvious measure of Temraz’s success is the international recognition that has come her way. Temraz will be presenting a full collection, including three bridal looks, at London Fashion Week, “I am really excited about this huge opportunity to not only represent my brand, but Egypt as well,” she exclaims. Temraz is the only Egyptian designer showcasing her work and she is making sure she won’t let us down. With the big show coming up, Temraz says she is focusing on creating standout designs and making the most out of this amazing opportunity. She excitedly adds, “this is just the beginning!”